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Wireless woes: why large scale municipal networks have troubles sustaining

I’ve been thinking a lot of about how a large scale wireless municipal network can exist. Even before starting my research for my nonprofit, having done research projects on the WiFi protocol back in 1999, and helping launch Greensboro’s downtown wireless.
Why is it interesting? To have a free large-scale network requires a large-scale wired network. If you go by the way of mesh, then it requires a great deal of RF engineering. RF engineers are not cheap, and even if you get volunteers, the initial infrastructure costs are pretty large. Still, it’s a lot easier to manage in the long run if it’s a paid network.

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Spam shuts down wireless at local coffee house

After reading multiple national sources on this, I figured it’s about time to weigh in. I got word of the fiasco before it hit the News and Record from IMs and Sue’s post. Green Bean’s wifi was abused by a spammer…
Uhh.. okay?

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Analysis of Winston-Salem’s unwiring

Interesting. Back in July, they RFP’d for Wireless Winston. Now it seems like it’s a go to unwire the city according to the press release.

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WiFi in the airports

WiFi list for 141 airports. The providers and the cost. Pretty sweet when you’re stuck because of some delayed flight and you need to get a little bit of PSP action gameplay. Or blog on your laptop. Or… well, you get the picture.
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How to turn WiFi leechers into a puddle of fun

What’s totally amusing is the ethical and actual legal behaviors of wifi leeching. People for some reason think that if it comes over the air and isn’t protected, then is free and for everyone’s use. NOT QUITE. In all technicality, it’s dependent on the contract that the person providing the wifi signal is on.
Using a linux server to basically filter traffic, Pete here was sick of his neighbors stealing his wifi. So he had some fun flipping every image that came across to their IPs or blurring out any images. Here are a couple ways that he implemented this.
Amusing. There are ways around this also since he’s using MAC addresses to determine if you get into the trusted half or not (which can be sniffed and spoofed), but it’s at least a fun way of deterring those nasty pests of neighbors that leech without any permissions.
Lifehacker < ex-parrot

Unidirectional wifi Extender

There are a bunch of ways to hack a WiFi antenna, but here’s an interesting one that uses a metal strainer. Everything that you see, you can get at a dollar store. This is very similar to the asian metal strainer hack, but looks like it’s a bit more useful if you can get it on a tripod and with a long enough USB cord. There shouldn’t be any RF loss within the USB since it’s right at the tip of the USB extension.
MAKE < Instructables

Ralink USB wifi external antenna

This hack requires some soldering a some patience. But it’s all worth it! If you have a USB Wifi device and you want to add an external antenna connector to it, then just follow the tutorial. In the tutorial, it actually goes into the hack on a ASUS WL-167g (or the author’s Scientific Atlanta/Webstar DPW939, which is a rebadged WL-167g).
The nice thing about this is that you’ll be able to use any sort of external antenna mounts afterwards that connects to a RP-SMA.
Hackaday < ronobvious

How to turn your $60 WiFi router into a $600 wifi router

It’s amazing that some people haven’t gone and played with their routers yet, and enabled all sorts of useful features. Probably one of the more common ones are transmit/receive power settings. Interestingly enough, if you haven’t tried flashing your router with a new flash, then take heed to this tutorial and find a whole new world of router features that you didn’t even know existed.
One other note: The DDWRT firmware is specifically for a type of router. If you don’t have the right hardware, this won’t work so don’t try. DDWRT wiki should be able to point you in the right direction as far as model numbers supported are concerned.
Warning though. It is possible to “brick” your router when attempting these flashes. They are no more different that updating your firmware, but sometimes firmwares can corrupt. In the case of using third-party firmwares, you would probably automatically void your warranty. So take heed since we’re not responsible for your actions.
Via Lifehacker

How to extend your WiFi to your backyard

This requires a bit of patience, some simple soldering skills and a wad of cash. Mainly because solar panels just aren’t the cheapest things in the world. Otherwise, it’s rather fun tutorial from Popular Science on how to create a WiFi extender that reaches outside in your backyard running off of solar power.
MAKE < PopSci

More corporate bullying: BellSouth tries to turn off New Orleans WiFi

New Orleans has been devastated, with Mother Nature rolling her semi through the middle. But now in the middle re-building efforts, BellSouth is trying to get the city-wide WiFi network shut down.

After Katrina ravaged the Big Easy six months ago, Greg Meffert, the city’s chief information officer, got downtown businesses back online by opening the city’s wireless mesh network—originally deployed to link surveillance cameras—to anyone who needed it. For free.

What’s sad is that the city is still in need of the network, whether or not the immediate disaster is over or not. The network provides not only emergency services, but also a way to connect the residents. The CIO has mentioned that he will “go to jail” if that’s what it takes because the telcos are pushing the matter.

“If I have to go to jail, I guess I will,” he said. “If they really want to play that game, I guess they are right. But we simply cannot turn off these few lifelines we have to our city and businesses.”

This is simply a sad case. Really. Telcos have nothing better to do but to pick on New Orleans? Really now, it’s not like they hooked it up for free. Someone is paying for it. It’s similar to if we bought pizza and handed it out to everyone, that Domino’s comes by and says “No! You can’t do that!”. Like Domino’s would ever bother. Get a grip, telcos and go chase your pots of gold elsewhere.
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