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Why SMS is Here to Stay

It’s amusing when I read about apps that try to out-do SMS.   Take for example, Facebook with their latest app.  Or iMessage.

Guess what, as a person that’s been watching technology trends for the better half of two decades, I can say for certain that SMS is sticking around.  Why?   SMS is a complete cellular protocol whereas any app by a social media company is driven by their only their users.  Even iMessage is completely driven by iPhones alone and not cellular in general.  This is one of the reasons why it’ll fail.  It doesn’t help when your friends use different technologies across different systems.   And SMS is built into a cell phone already whereas you can’t say the same for apps.   Take a look at how widespread Twitter is and why it’s constrained to the character limitations.   SMS designed and driven. Sounds too simple?  That’s because it is just that simple.  Standards and protocols rule industries.

So until iMessage/Facebook design a protocol that drives cellular in general?  I’ll wait until I see some new-fangled technology drive SMS out of its place.   Until then?  Everyone is limited to their 140 characters.

Texting on a motorcycle

You have to see it to believe it, but this guy is crazy. Texting, while lying down on a motorcycle. I’m not exactly sure how he’s keeping his throttle going at a regular pace since it’s motorcycles have a turn throttle that’s operated by the right hand, but it’s still nuts. Crazy nuts.

Fun with SciFi.com text messaging

scifi.jpg One of the latest features that the SciFi channel has really been fascinating is the fact that they have a SMS short code.
Yes, you can text SCIFI (72434) and access blurbs about their shows. Usually, there’s a code per show so you only set it up for certain ones. What’s great about this is that I had text BSG to SCIFI and got same-day synopsis before the show started. It was basically the teaser. Bad thing about this? It would also text me on days that it ran reruns of that same show.
After a couple months, I finally got sick of the text messages. Go figure that trying to find out how to quit on the website is next to impossible. It tells you how to join, but not how to quit (not easily found anyways).
So in the instance you want to quit (it’s all or nothing), text QUIT or STOP or END to SCIFI. Truthfully, I think that this way of advertising their shows is actually pretty smart. But what they should do is actually make it more interactive so you can set the amount of responses, or what shows, or even how much pre-show time to give the synopsis. There’s a lot more that can be done, but it’s a start as far as advertising.