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Fixing the PSN Error: 8071053D

Playstation Network error codes are a pain in the rear, mainly because Sony doesn’t really give us a good way to manage these error codes.  While usually proprietary for internal fixes, these do become a hassle when you get a code but know nothing about it.   Much like the Mac error codes of the System codes (remember the Error Code 11?).

So with error 8071053D itself, the error itself will basically sign you out of the PSN network regardless of if the PSN network is up or down.   While most fixes tell you to hard boot the PS3, then hard boot your router, there’s no need for the latter.


  1. First you turn off the power to your PS3
  2. Then flip the switch on your PS3
  3. Then pull the power cord out of the PS3 for a couple seconds.
  4. Then you can put everything back into place and turn it on.

This should fix everything.  I assume that there’s something in memory that low-power trickle will hold in memory.  When you remove all of the power, that corruption which probably likes in some memory is reset.   Thus, it fixes it.  It’s probably a MAC-address storage but that’s just a guess. But anyhow…

Go Amazon! The State of North Carolina Has Totally Lost It

Image by soumit via Flickr

Remember the Amazon tax? Seems like the state of North Carolina really doesn’t have its head on right. Amazon is suing them due to privacy violations since obviously from the interest of Amazon’s is to protect its buyers. NC State however couldn’t get the millions they had thought they could get (and might I add spent already) from the “Amazon tax” so now they’re trying to chase the consumers.

Long story short? Here’s a quick synopsis of what has happened:

  1. State wants money. State sets up “Amazon tax” to throw the sales tax book at Amazon due to affilliate connnections.
  2. Amazon terminates all NC State affiliates.
  3. State keeps budget of “Amazon tax” in, even though Amazon has taken out any link.
  4. State spends the money in the budget even though there was no money there.
  5. State now worried about money spent, so goes to Amazon to try to get the consumer to pay the sales tax end.
  6. Amazon sues.

Now here’s where someone at NC State DOR isn’t thinking at all. As a NC state citizen, I have to say that if you’re going to backdate taxes that you couldn’t collect or enforce at the time of the law, then I have a real problem with that. Mainly because there are plenty of other types of things that living here for almost ten years has taught me that no one enforces certain laws even though that they exist. How about the tint laws? I have yet to see that enforced since there are people with darker than thirty-five degree tint everywhere. License plate covers are illegal in this state, but never saw that enforced either. In fact, you could probably hire a multitude of state troopers just by the amount of people you could fine from those two things. What about emissions? Commercial tags? Trucks that are tagged as “farm equipment” that I’ve seen decked out with custom pipes and several inch lifts? Seriously now.

If you’re going to pass a law that requires consumers to pay taxes, then do so. That means that it sucks for you for past events but that’s just tough. It doesn’t take a genius to see that NCDOR requested since 2003 because statute of limitations is seven years and they’re looking to bust down on their own taxpayers. Which is fairly amusing since as a taxpayer, I actually like paying taxes…. if they were doing something to help get more taxpayers (eg. fixing unemployment). I actually like living in this state, but the politics and laws are completely whack. Don’t believe me? Let’s not forget that this is also the state that had the “two hundred plus year old no cohabitation law.” Oh yeah, that wasn’t enforced.

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Apple’s iSlate Reveals New Patents That Don’t Make Sense

Apple Tablet Concept
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

I agree that Fingerworks has some revolutionary patents and that it could possibly be used for the upcoming iSlate. But truthfully, after reading about how the patent works, I have to say that I don’t see how it’s going to reduce in carpal tunnel or any sort of tension in your hand when you do hand-writing recognition. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is brilliant. But realistic use and ideals are very different.

Here’s where the problem lies. If you read the patent, you basically hold your hand in a form where it rests against the touchscreen like you’re holding a pen. Then you push down like holding a pen with your thumb and index finger which is how the patent image occurs. Just try that on a table. The reason why a pen works, is because of how it rests and you’re not gripping down hard so the force isn’t as much as if you’re not holding anything. Just by doing as such on a table surface, you can feel that there’s more tension in your wrist from the grip.

Now, most people that have written papers at all in their lives with a pen or pencil should understand exactly what I’m talking about since there’s a good reason why they even produce those pens called Rx which are fatter and reduce stress on the hand. This basically goes the other way.

Is this a cool technological advancement? You betcha. But from a health perspective, Apple is looking at creating a whole world of hurt for the iSlate users if it’s implemented as the patent dictates.

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Why are pharmaceutical drugs these days not very safe?

It’s really strange but in the last decade or so, I’ve noticed that there are more and more pharma drug commercials on television. And for whatever reason, outside of all of the actors, actresses, and visions of sugar plum fairies and such, the fine print seems to be much worse.
Do drugs these days not come with severe side effects? I mean seriously. What’s most amusing is when you watch for a new medicine that is supposed to help with ulcers, and one of the side effects could be… making ulcers bleed. Or something horrible like that. Or some actually have said that there could be chance of stroke, when it’s heart medication. Or something similar.
But what REALLY gets me? Why is it that these drugs can’t be used on pregnant women if they’re so-called “safe”? Pretty much every single drug on television can’t be used by women in pregnancy. You would think that if your drug is indeed “safe”, then it should pass the pregnant women test.
In fact, that’s now my tell-tale sign that anything from television doesn’t go into my regimen of prescriptions to get from the doctor whenever I’m sick. Not that it happens all that often if ever, but it is pretty scary stuff. And we really shouldn’t have to put up with buying into all the peddling until you know that you don’t want to end up taking a chance at a heart attack so that you could help relieve some of the lung contractions from asthma.
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terragen.jpeg Need a scenery generator? Look no farther than Terragen. Currently it supports both Windows and MacOSX and is on version 0.9. This version is free as will be Terragen 2, which is in development. The basic idea is that this can randomly generate photorealistic environments or actually layout the environment itself.
Terragen has been used in multiple mediums including print, multimedia, film and online. What’s interesting about Terragen 2 is that it not only is it complete rewrite, it also supports vegetation. This means that you can now have trees and other types of things in your actual environment that makes it all the more interesting.
There is registration involved if you want some extended capabilities or if you want to use it for commercial use. In this case, you would have to purchase a $99 registration. Outside of that, personal use and nonprofit use is free and only limits you to certain resolutions and some other features depending on which operating system you are currently using.

What’s in Your Bag?

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After I saw Joi post this on his blog, I decided that while I didn’t have the outrageously cool toys he has, I would post what I had in my work bag. One day, I’ll have some neat toys like his…

Lycos pulls anti-spam campaign after one week

After one week, Lycos scraps the downloadable DDOS screensaver tool.

“I find the anti-spam downloadable DDoS tool to be without a doubt irresponsible, possibly illegal, sets a really bad precedent, gives the wrong impression to users, and possibly the dumbest thing I have heard of this week,” said Adrien de Beaupre, an incident handler with the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC).

E-Week provides the story while Slashdot as always is covering.

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