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KDE4 runs on 40% less memory than KDE3

KDE4 which is a windows manager system for Linux is reported to consume forty percent less memory than the previous version of KDE3.5 and this is without so-called “mini-optimizations” yet they have beefed up the look and feel of the windows manager. One of the developers even tested KDE4 on a 256M and 1Ghz machine specification to see if it could actually function decently.
Strangely enough, if you take the comparative Microsoft’s latest “achievement” in Windows Vista, the look and feel definitely has increased but so has the consumption of resources.
In layman’s terms, this basically means… linux can be used on older hardware without giving up the look and feel of newer software. How’s that for change?

SixApart introduces plugin for iPhone

Another reason to buy that iPhone or iPod Touch. Six Apart has released a plugin that uses the beautiful new design of MT4 and Typepad as a mobile interface for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
What’s interesting about this is that Six Apart actually paid attention to user interface, which I must applaud. All of the iPhone’s interfacing was done from scratch instead of using the browser interface and just shrinking it down. This makes for a way better user experience and overall will be worth a lot to Six Apart.
Now if only iPhones actually worked on CDMA networks… I’d actually have a reason to buy one.

CD Recovery Toolbox

cdrecovery_page02small.gif CD Recovery Toolbox is a free Windows utility that could one day… save your life. Well, maybe not exactly in that fashion of “saving” but everyone has been in this type of situation before. You backup your data onto CD/DVD thinking the media is indestructible. Then you load it in your drive one day and….
Holy cow. It doesn’t work! What to do? Those were pictures from Maui back when you were partying hardy during that one Spring break…..
Don’t sweat yet. Just because Windows doesn’t read it doesn’t mean that you can recover some, if not all of your data. Using this utility, you can attempt the impossible and perhaps recover things you thought were lost forever. Now isn’t that the coolest?
UneasySilence < OEmailRecovery

decTop for $99

dectop.jpg The decTop is a tiny computer able to run Windows CE or linux (everyone so far is loading linux on this bad boy). Originally designed by AMD (Personal Internet Communicator) for bridging the digital divide, this baby is running an AMD 366 Mhz processor, with 10G hard drive and 128M RAM. The beauty of this is in it’s compact design. It’s both fanless and only takes eight watts to operate. This is a thin device that is very affordable and while a bit on the slow end, it’s definitely worth the ninety-nine Washingtons considering what it’s build for. So if you need a headless device, or just a plain little box to play with, the decTop should definitely go on your shopping list.
It looks like there’s already a howto on installing Ubuntu, and it’s supposedly fairly easy to upgrade parts. Definitely going on my… “need to buy because I love linux gadgets” list.
Via Lifehacker

Ion USB Turntable

Are you old school? Still listen have some of those records and just can’t let them go? No sweat. You can go to the digital age without letting go. The Ion USB Turntable [affiliate] is a great little tool to attach to your Windows or Mac computer and it plays 33 and 45 rpm records. Need to clean up those scratchy tunes? No sweat. It comes with the software. Need to output it to your speakers? RCA line. What else could you ask for?
Not sure if you could actually do scratching on this turntable, but it’d definitely be interesting if you could. Then you could compose straight on this baby without having to go out and get a really expensive one that you couldn’t afford to break. This tiny wonder will only run you about a hundred and fifty.
So quit stalling and go get yourself one. Don’t let that Sinatra record go. Digitize that Moon River. Because they just don’t make them like they used to but there isn’t any reason why you can’t bring that old school sound into the new millennium.

Take apart your PSP

There might come a time that you need to take apart your PSP. Yes, we know it sounds scary, we’ve done it before. It kind of is. But we didn’t have this awesome video to guide us. Of course, the usual disclaimers of if you do this, you might be doing something that would void your warranty and no one is responsible for that but yourself… yadda yadda. But when you need to replace a LCD and can’t afford to have someone do it for you, then this is the next best thing. It’s nice that it’s done by some people that actually fix PSPs also.

MacOSX Dashboard widget: Temperature Monitor Widget Edition

Temperature Monitor Widget Edition is basically the little brother of Temperature Monitor. It allows you to check the temperature monitors straight from your dashboard on MacOSX.

Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitor is a freeware utility that monitors the multiple temperature sensors in your Mac. It can save the values, export them, put them in pretty graphs, or even compare with historical data. This makes it very useful to figure out what’s heating up the system or if everything is going okay in the system.

Simpletech SimpleShare 160G drive

This NAS storage is one of the cheapest out there. There are many things to compliment it on, but it’s not without fault. As this review points out, it’s almost a cross-platform panacea. From unboxing this device, you can connect it easily to your network and set it up via a web interface. The hardware itself is pretty elegant and is in this hard metal case. The buttons and LEDs are well-placed and the two extra USB ports on the back are for external harddrives or USB printers.
Creating shares is actually pretty simple. The web interface is pretty intuitive as long as you’ve maneuvered around web interfaces. Windows shares are also very simple to create and access from a Windows computers. With a full Windows network, the SimpleShare is a great addition to your network for quick space. But MacOSX support is another story.

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Marware Protection Pack Plus for Macbook Pro

Marware creates multiple protection packages specifically for Apple products. The Marware Protection Pack Plus For 17″ MacBook Pro [affiliate] comes in a silver color that fits your Macbook Pro nicely.

  • Keyboard cover
  • Handrest
  • Laptop sleeve

Was it worth it?

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