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Computer Hacking and Unauthorized Access Laws

From the National Conference of State Legislatures, here is the complete State guidelines to computer hacking and unauthorized access. For each state, the law differs but it is definitely a worthy resource to browse if you ever wondered where your legal rights lay. Note that this says nothing about federal laws that you tamper with such as the CFAA.
Also another warning. Looks like the site is a bit dated (09/04/02)

Crosswalk hacking

Some pedestrian hackers called Cross Anytime have brute-forced and gained some insight on how the crosswalk systems work. Used mainly by politicians and city officials, these commands are given to the crosswalk signals from the “infinite Don’t Walk” to the “Instant Walk”. Apparently there are two different types of systems but both have this next hack in it.

The most popular hack, which works on most models, is the “Instant Walk.” Three short clicks, followed by two long, one short, two long, and three short; turn any crosswalk signal from “don’t walk” to “walk” with a matching change in the traffic signals.

I’m curious as to if this actually works.
Via BBSpot

FBI raid database hackers

LexisNexis, a data broker and competitor of ChoicePoint was hacked. FBI raids in California, Minnesota, and North Carolina of people suspected in involvement with the hacking.

Jason Hawks, 23, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, told the newspaper: “They busted down the door and ran at me with guns pointed in my face.”

Via BBCNews

PSP UMD isos

Apparently the PSP uses ISO9660 format on their UMDs. There won’t be any burning to UMD discs any time soon since Sony has said they will not be releasing burners. But here’s to breaking hardware DRMs through reverse engineering and providing progression learning how things work.
For those very engenious individuals, there will probably soon be the beginnings of a PSP emulator. Joyous.
Engadget < PS2Info

How to make a G5 cube

How to make a G5 Cube. Apple has never made one, but someone had too much fun hacking apart a G4 and recreating everything down to the logo.
Will probably take some expertise handy work and some knowledge of Japanese unless you’re lazy and want to pump this through Babelfish.
Hackaday < G5CubeCase

FBI crack WEP key in 3 minutes

FBI demonstrated at an ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting recently that it is possible to crack a WEP key in three minutes.
Slashdot < TomsHardware

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Pimp My Shuffle: Retro-wireless headphones

This is a quick howto with pictures on taking a iPod shuffle and integrating it into some retro MURA SP-503 headphones. Anyone with some soldering skills and a little bit of electronic skills can handle this amusing hardware hack.
Via PimpMyShuffle

DIY Videoblogger

Ever want your own teleprompter but they real ones are too expensive? Running a vlog but it looks unprofessional with you reading from a piece of paper?
Now … with a laptop and some plastic CD cases, and $39.99 for some software, you too can have your own teleprompter!
Or you can create a little more expensive one here.
Engadget < VideoBloggerPlasti-Prompter

Hack your iPod to hold 300G!

Have an older generation iPod and don’t feel like junking it for the new fangled 60G iPhoto? Follow this hardware hack to create a 300G iPod with a 3.5 inch drive.
This tutorial shows how to disassemble the iPod and how to build the adapter to fit a IDE 3.5 inch drive. It also goes over how to format the drive so the iPod software can read the drive.

, ForeverGeek < Command-Tab

Howto make webcam see infrared

Here is a tutorial that shows how to make a Sweex USB webcam see infrared. Only thirteen steps with a filter. It should work with other webcams also, seeing that it’s only a filter hack.
Slashdot < Infrared webcam