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ConvergeSouth Film Festival venue announced!

ConvergeSouth Film Festival Vlog continues to storm ahead with #6. It looks like Andy’s found a venue at Two Art Chicks. Should be a fun time, and there will be a bar (yes, I know that people were hoping to hear that).

ConvergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 6

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Personal thoughts currently…. after my latest initiation with Wong Fu Productions, I’m totally in love with their stuff. Here’s to hoping that they enter some of their music videos, or short films.

ConvergeSouth Film Festival just steamrolling along….

Been busy for a while so I was happy to see that ConvergeSouth‘s new area, the Film Festival has been doing wonderfully under the direction of Andy Coon.
Here are the updates from….
Week 3

CovergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 3

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Week 4
ConvergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 4

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and current latest… Week 5
ConvergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 5

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Funny thing, but it looks like Andy could do well in front of the camera for the likes of News 14 or WFMY. In any case, they’re still looking for video submissions of short films, animations, music videos, vlogs, really anything that has some video to it and something that you want to get your name out to the world. So really…. have at it. Submit those works of art and let’s see you at ConvergeSouth. And on the bychance that you haven’t already… register for the conference too to get your fixings on the Fifth Estate.

ConvergeSouth 2007 registration is now open!

convergesouth.jpg Third annual ConvergeSouth registration is now open.
This year, we’re all about The Fifth Estate. Basically, just think about the new mediums and how they’ve changed the way we think about news and how to gain information. Social networking has come a long ways from blogs. This year, there is a lot more on content generation for videos both online and on cable television. Current.tv is one of the sponsors and will also show demos on how to create your own pods to get shown on television (voted on by the people).
But what I’m really excited about personally is that Anil Dash has agreed to be a panelist. Anil is Vice President for SixApart, whom creates LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, and Vox. And having had a MT blog since who knows when, I can say that I’ve been a fan of their products for ages. If I’m not mistaken, one of our other conference organizers arranged this… so a personal thanks from my end since this is one person that I definitely don’t want to miss if I can help it! (Hopefully I’m not as exhausted this year…)

Don’t change the world of Podcasting: begone evil netcast

A whole bunch of people starting with Leo Laporte of TWiT and the latest with Scoble on netcasts.
My opinion? The whole “netcast” name is stupid.

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Rage posting

I’m coining a new phrase. Rage posting. Similar to rage commenting.
rage post
[reyj pohst] – noun. rage posted, rage posting, noun, verb.
1. Emotion driven posting or commenting without regard for editing where the author uses the feelings to drive the thoughts: Tim rage posted after Bob stole his girlfriend.

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PenguinTV is a pretty unique RSS reader for linux. Well, it’s not just any old RSS reader. It was specifically developed for podcasts and video podcasts where it can download the media and play them without worrying about the format, by launching your favorite media player. Everything is kept within the same structure as the RSS feed and allows you to wander aimlessly through the millions of podcasts that is out there on the Net.
Yes, now you don’t have to Ask a Ninja, how to watch his show without going through an awful process of saving, renaming, and wondering why no one bothered to write this functionality into linux RSS readers. Not that he would care. Do ninjas care about RSS? Hmm.

Progressive Seattle moving on municipality backed podcasting

Seattle, as progressive as it is, has moved in on another front. Municpality backed podcasting. Seattle’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs has started the OnHold service that provides a podcast featuring a local musician every week. This is then archived and creating a “local music scene” database online. Not only is there the podcast, but there are links to the artists’ CDs and websites for purchasing.
Now if there’s ANYTHING Greensboro should be doing, it’s this. Follow the big dog of change.

< Seattle.gov