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Flickr takes away pro upload limit and ups regular user limits

Flickr has made their service even better. Pro accounts now have no upload limit unlike their old 2G limit. Regular users now have a 100MB limit versus their old 20MB limit a month.
Sweet. Thank you Flickr.

flickr and WEBIMAGER

flickr and WEBIMAGER basically makes it simple for you to take screenshots and upload them directly to your flickr account. Freeware for Windows. It supports multiple account management, filters/effects and resizing.
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FlickrDown requires .NET 2.0 framework so you know it’s for Windows. But it’s free. And it does exactly what you’d imagine it does. It downloads pictures from Flickr. The greatest thing about this is that now you can keep a backup of your memories on a harddrive, and also have them stored on Flickr. Grandparents don’t have your set of Christmas in July vacation photos? No problem. Just install and download away.
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Why you shouldn’t run Windows on billboards..

Here’s a picture of a Sprint billboard crashing with a Windows screen. Oops.

Flickr Printing

Yes. Now you can print your photos from Flickr. And they’ll deliver it to you via mail for a fee. Or go to Target and have them done. While this may sound totally sweet and all, I still don’t see the point unless you happen to not buy the photo quality paper all the time and go nuts on buying Costco sized ink cartridges. If you don’t do any of that, then the new Flickr printing is for you!
Sorry, only for US peeps. Thank you Flickr!
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Flickr Backup

Think Flickr.
Now think backup.
Now think personal flickr backup on computer. There you go.
Think Java.
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Upload pictures to Flickr from your cameraphone

This is a pretty cool feature from Flickr. You can actually email photos that you take from your camera phone to a unique address only for YOU to be posted to your Flickr as soon as you mail it. This is neat to keep everything nice and updated with the latest and greatest photos. Only bummer? There’s no way to organize the Flickr photos. But moblog away!
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Flickr Postcard Browser

Another application by Airtight Interactive. This one is a Flickr Postcard browser. Works in the same fashion as the previous Flickr Related Tag Browser, but it turns the located tagged pictures into postcards and allows you to browse through them. Pretty fun stuff.
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Make an unofficial Flickr photographer badge

Make an unofficial Flickr photographer badge and be the next geek on the block that has one of these sweet things.
Screenshots of other badges.
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Motorola i860 Flickr Easter Egg

Nextel has it made again with a Motorola easter egg on the Motorola i860. From Geosnapper allows you to take geostamped photos to the website. The easter egg allows you to upload the photos directly to Flickr.

The phone adds tags of the city, state, and zip code of where the picture was taken as well as adding a link to a MapQuest map of the location. To enter your flickr email press # *your pin* 8 7 5 0 # from the first start-up screen. So if your pin is 1234 you would press the keys # 1 2 3 4 8 7 5 0 # and a screen will pop-up that lets you enter your flickr email and password.

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