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Why doesn’t Facebook include a Flickr integration?

facebook.jpg flickr_logo_gamma.gif.v59899.14.gif While I love Facebook, there are some things that I have against the new design. Funny how a lot of people dislike the new design, but I actually find it a lot easier to use.
But no matter. The issue here is more of the Photos section. What bugs me is that while it’s great that they set up a new section, there are many of us that have used older and more established photo sites such as Flickr. Since I update my Flickr Pro account all the time, there’s not really a point for me to go and do the same in FB. So why doesn’t FB create an integral section that can either download via the Flickr API automatically, or have a tool that can integrate your Flickr account directly in?
From a person that has thousands of photos, I really don’t want to go and download and re-upload all of those, not to mention the hundreds of photographs that I upload to Flickr over the course of a year. There’s got to be an easier way to do these things, and yet there isn’t a tool that brings the two together in a seamless way. Not even the bookmarklet, Flickr2Facebook does the job correctly (since it’s not really made for browsers like Safari without a little hacking).
Very annoying. Devil is in the details, know what I mean?
For now, I’ll just deal with the fact that I can’t integrate my photographs. Facebook itself doesn’t have an API for direct integration without application use. In case you were wondering. So this would probably require FB themselves to actually write it in to make it a more viable solution.
Until then? No pictures for me on FB. Blech.

Royal Caribbean scam on Flickr?

rclsurveyscam.jpg I have to say that I was pretty flabbergasted when I got this email. Let’s just say that having dealt with RCL’s customer service, I know they don’t pull amateur plays like this and if their marketing department DID indeed pull this off then it’s a really poor job at doing something with a business.
So why did this email ring up like a scam? First, it was sent from a Flickr account to my Flickr account. Not from an official email from Royal Caribbean or a RCL address and it wasn’t addressed through my RCL account. In fact, it was manually typed since the person actually messed up my account name. Guess some people don’t read. Second, it had an email to Yahoo. Who the heck uses a free Yahoo email for anything business related?
And when you go to the survey site itself? It looks just like a RCL site. And from the email, it says that you can login from your Flickr account for your “convenience”. Don’t even buy into that. Probably pulling your password just as you enter it. And what’s more is that the domain is owned by:

466 Lexington ave
new york, ny 10017
Administrative & Technical Contact:
David Chang
466 Lexington ave
new york, ny 10017
Domain Name Servers:
Transfer-Lock Status: ENABLED
Created: June 18, 2008
Modified: June 18, 2008
Expires: June 18, 2009

Very interesting isn’t it. It seems that JWT is a supposed marketing firm or something. But even so, you would still think that Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. would own the registration. Still pretty dang strange. So, with all of that?
I called RCL customer service. They knew nothing about this, so they said they’d forward it up through security and find out since it did look awfully suspicious. They said that they’d call back if they needed more information and I agreed to forward them whatever I had. Then Flickr got an email too. Why all this precaution?
When it comes to marketing a brand like RCL, you can never be too careful with scams, especially one that has such great customer service. If indeed it’s a marketing gimmick or campaign, then it’d be better to have it shut down due to security reasons than to taint the brand itself. Either way, from a technically capable person viewing it as a customer of RCL, I wouldn’t want to see this type of thing go on. Ever. And believe me, online scams are a plenty as it is and tracking them isn’t always as obvious. If you’re legitimate but bells ring screaming scam, then you’re doing something very wrong.
Hopefully they get it sorted out. But for now, I would avoid entering any sort of RCL survey that is originating from Flickr. If it’s not coming from the official mailing list for Royal Caribbean, I would be extremely weary that they are doing anything with Flickr.


alertthingy.jpg Been trying out Alert Thingy and so far, it’s not bad I must say although there are a few things I like and dislike.
First, the pros. I like the fact that FriendFeed has a client that runs on MacOSX, Windows, and sorta linux (Adobe Air is alpha stage for linux). The alerts are similar to Growl notification which is interesting, but also a nuisance too. You can also interact with Flickr and Twitter, which is actually very useful in that regards.
The cons? The nuisance of Growl-like notification. As far as I can tell, you can’t turn it off. And Adobe Air. While Adobe Air allows easy multiplatforming, it also is overhead that I don’t need. Either way though, it’s not too shabby and it’s nice to actually have a client for FriendFeed instead of just the website itself. I’d love a native client, but right now this will do.

WordPress Plugin: iFlickr

iFlickr is a nifty little plugin by Photopreneur, that allows you to scour the images on Flickr and look for Creative Commons licensed photographs.
From there, those photographs are then used in your blog post, but not without given rightful attribution underneath the picture and in accordance to the Creative Commons licensing. It basically removes a step from actually having to copy and paste links and thus making it pretty useful. As far as I can tell, this doesn’t allow you to choose between different types of CC licenses so if you’re looking for Commercial use, you might still be out of luck.

WordPress plugin: PhotoDropper

photodropper.png When you need a Creative Commons licensed picture, usually scouring Flickr is a good way to go. But it’s still a pain in the rear and you still have to go through the trouble of setting up the sizes and such.
With a plugin like PhotoDropper, all of this is more intuitive and without having to use multiple windows and cut and pastes. It interacts directly with your WordPress installation and allows you to keyword search for those much needed photos to help embellish your posts.


picmarkr.jpg Sometimes you need a crucial watermark for your pictures. But what about all of your huge Flickr account? No problem.
PicMarkr allows you to grab them from your Flickr account, or upload them and perform mass batch manipulation. Watermark all of them at once, or one at a time.
It’s free, and you can do it as much as you want with text, image, or tiled watermarking. If you feel like this is a tool that you’ve just been missing out on, then of course the developers would definitely be appreciative of a donation.

Flickr Finder

flickrfinder.jpg MacOSX freeware that allows you to browse Flickr without a browser. Just like your Finder. Right-o. And Flickr Finder is it.
In case you didn’t know, you will need an Internet connection since otherwise you can’t really browse Flickr without it.

Yahoo! Shortcuts Beta

yahooshortcuts.gif Yahoo! has recently released a WordPress plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts into beta.
This plugin takes all that is beautiful from Yahoo! and places it within reach of your blog. Basically what it does is it allows you to enhance blog posts with pictures from Flickr, and the search and maps and other parts of Yahoo! itself. Then you can use that content to enhance your posts. Personally, I’m not fond of the whole Intellitext type links, but the embedding of images and useful information as badges is definitely a “fall in love at first sight” type of blogging tool.
I definitely recommend playing with this. Let me put it this way. It doesn’t hurt anything and makes your posts a lot more user friendly. So why not?


FlickrBooth is a plugin for MacOSX’s Photo Booth. This allows you to snap shots with Apple’s Photo Booth, and then have the option of uploading it straight to Flickr with tags and descriptions. It makes it a lot easier and more convenient for those that have the built in iSight to just snap and upload.
CoolOSXApps < FlickrBooth

Dear Flickr…

Dear Flickr,
I got your e-mail. I even finally begrudgingly merged my account even though I really did not want to do so. I was going to keep quiet, but Mr. Brown chimed in,I knew that I was not alone.
Us old skool fogies really are not too happy with this whole merging. While we’re happy that Flickr has a new home with daddy Yahoo, there’s a number of us that don’t use our Yahoo accounts and really couldn’t care less to use them. By forcing us to use them, you show us that you really don’t don’t care that we’ve been long time friends. Believe me when I say that if you allow an old skool login to continue, I will be the first to “unmerge” my account. I’m sure there are countless others out there that would agree.
Nothing against Yahoo, but some of us really just don’t use your services. The whole merging of accounts leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Almost tastes like old skool forums that you could only get on AOL or Compuserve but no where else.
We love your product, and we continue to use it because we believe in it. But the whole “if you’re reading this, you’ve been around for a while and that means a lot to us” is one huge crock. I’m with Mr. Brown. Try as I may, I also don’t feel the love.
O.S.F.B.U.C. (Old Skool Flickr beta Users Club)
UPDATE (1/31 11:49AM): Thomas Hawk weighs in with those that are also pissed off with the change.
UPDATE (2/1 10:31AM): Pal Dave Slusher from EGC weighs in with some more by Bruce Sterling from Wired.
UPDATE (2/1 11:30AM): Pals from Forevergeek chime in on the subject too.