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Viacom says that local blogger infringed on his own copyright

Christopher Knight, one of our own.
It seems like Viacom’s legal staff didn’t do due diligence, at least in my opinion. So long story short, Chris made a commercial for a Education Board position last year, that Viacom got a hold of (without permission) and made fun of it on one of their shows. Chris got a clip of the show that made fun of his commercial and posted it. Well apparently, he got served up a copyright infringement notice for content that was pretty much his own commercial?! Interesting.
I’m no attorney, but it sounds like a huge boo boo on behalf of Viacom. On top of that, The Knight Shift got Slashdotted. Heh. Gotta love the Internet.
Talk about a big oops.
Update (4:58PM): BoingBoing picked it up too. There is some commentary on how “fair use” should be used. This is where an attorney’s interpretation would come in since you can’t direct post other people’s copyrighted materials but with enough critique, it would have been probably okay. Many have pointed a finger saying that Knight should have done what other YouTubers have done in the past (which is critique the Web Junk 2.0 bit). Whatever happens, it’s still interesting that our little bit of the world is getting noticed on a bigger scale for a split second.

Ten reasons why white girls should go for Asian guys

When Mike from 8 Asians posted “Why Asian Guys Can’t Get White Girls” and post the Wong Fu video below, I practically busted my sides out. If anyone ever wants a sneak peak inside Asian American culture, Wong Fu has it down pat.

Here’s ten reasons why in the end, white girls should really be considering those handsome young Asian studmuffins:
  1. Have you seen Ascension dance? Didn’t know Asian guys can move like that did ya? Motion in the ocean. Motion in the ocean.
  2. I’m straight and all, but I tell you what. If you don’t find Takeshi Kaneshiro a looker, you got something wrong with ya. We all look like that. *cough* Seriously. Just squint a little. We might not all be Prada models but we’re all pretty good knockoff Prada models.
  3. Regardless of what people say about model minority, as a whole, we still make more money in the end.
  4. Sean Connery has its moments I suppose, but do you really love those gorilla moments? I mean, the last thing you’d want to say is…. “Dear, you’re shedding all over the nice leather couch again.”
  5. Ever notice that wealthy people all love classical music for whatever reason? Violin and piano is in our blood. Might be beaten in, but you don’t need to know that.
  6. You know you always wanted a license plate that read: “YLWFEVER” or “AZNLOVER”.
  7. Body odor? What’s that?
  8. We’re stealthy. Ninjas anyone? We’re talking lawnmowing-fu here. You didn’t even know it was done, and suddenly… BLAM! It’s done and all you saw was the suddenly cut grass move with the breeze a little.
  9. We’re not picky eaters. You ever seen smelly tofu? Yeah. If anyone can eat that, they’ll eat anything. We even eat raw stuff.
  10. Last but not least… we all have secret VIP accounts at Sanrio.

So there you have it. Everything you want in a man. And that’s us. No white guy has anything on that! Are you missing out? I’d say so. So sign up today! One per household. Restrictions may apply.
If you haven’t figured out the above is supposed to be humorous, I would imagine that your life is too stressed out and you need to chill. Life’s a fortune cookie! You gotta crack it open and play the numbers while learning to say “JI” [chicken].

Japanese television: Why is my girlfriend mad?

This is one of the coolest skits I’ve seen in a while. When it comes to art and crazy modern type things done for the sake of television, Americans might rule in shock factor, but the Japanese go overboard on everything else and make it great to watch.
“Why is my Girlfriend Mad?”

Japanese Human Art – Why Is My Girlfriend Mad? – video powered by Metacafe

Wish we did stuff like this here. Seriously.

If we were to pick a comedian for a President…

With the 2008 presidential elections coming up, and primaries starting to roll, it’s amusing that many Americans still don’t see that party lines don’t mean anything due to the fact that they’re two faces of the same coin.
Which got me to thinking… what if we were going to pick a president that was a comedian?

  • Jon Stewart – Tells it like it is with a humorous spin. Might be a little too upfront and and contentious. Liberal slanted. Could possibly take most urban areas when it came to votes.
  • Stephen Colbert – Also tells it like it is, but fairly conservative. Also upfront and contentious. Could take the religious vote if he so chose.
  • Robin Williams – A bit older so would have experience on his side. Slightly nuts, but would probably have Hollywood backing him up. If Arnold can do it, why not Robin?
  • Jeff Foxworthy – This man is a genius with Blue Collar TV. He tells it like it is but would take the South. Or WOULD HE?
  • Larry the Cable Guy – Now this guy is your good ol’ Southern boy. He says what he’s going to do and “gits er’ done”. Probably would take most of the rural South based on voters associating with him.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I would imagine that while Colbert and Stewart would take young America by storm, they wouldn’t be able to pull the Southern votes. Williams would take Hollywood, but due to his past, he might not be able to shake the whole drug thing. Here’s the ticket though. WIth it coming down to the wire, it really comes down to who can take the South. While Jeff Foxworthy would give a run for the money, I think Foxworthy and and Larry would actually combine together as a presidential candidacy and flip roles after eight years. With the rural South following Larry, and the urban South after Foxworthy, they would have a stronghold that none could withstand. And any political history buff can tell you that you have to take the South to win against a strong opposition.
Motto of the campaign: “Git-R-Done”.

Quiet on the Wii Golf course! Okay, what’s so funny….

There’s nothing like a baby that’s giggling like crazy, but we’re still not sure what’s so funny about the Nintendo Wii golf that is making this lil’ guy just chuckle with glee. Perhaps we have a young Happy Gilmore on our hands.
Via eBaumsWorld

Sometimes, all you need is a sticker…


Now that’s funny. Original sticker idea from the guy behind DieselSweeties.
Via BoingBoing

Dead man wins NC County Board seat

No one bothered to tell the voters. While the Democratic Party officials said that they didn’t know the candidate had passed on to a better place, apparently County elections officials knew.
In any case, the dead man won the seat in the Union County’s Soil and Water Conservation Board by 12,000 votes.
Of course, there’s some funny things going on here. You figure that if you are running a campaign and there’s a committee that is helping you get the position that they would have constant contact with you. So how is it that the campaign to get this guy voted in, never bothered to tell the Democratic Party? Hrm. Truly strange.

American Dad versus Family Guy

In promoting the new box sets, American Dad and Family Guy have an amusing flash game that is a parody of Street Fighter. You can’t get any better than this for drawing up a close on a Friday afternoon.

Human Space Invaders

Something totally retro as Space Invaders done in an artsy fashion with human beings as the pixels? CRAZY.
Joystiq < NotSoNoisy

Canceling AOL? Good luck

Whoever thought AOL cancellations would be so difficult? This brings me back to a day when I was trying to cancel my Chase Manhattan credit card because apparently they didn’t cancel it the first time I called… five years ago. Those that have delicate ears, beware for the minimal profanity in the recording.
Coral Cache Mirror of the recording.
Coral Cache Mirror of the post
This just goes to show that it’s interesting how businesses fight to keep customers, even when it’s a pretty unlikely scenario those that are canceling will be coming back. Why they don’t teach this in customer service is beyond me, but this just plants a seed of destruction for any likelihood of these users coming back for your product or services and it also extends to the reach of those ex-customers. It’s also a great way to lose customer loyalty with the risk of a couple dollars a month? Where do they teach these people how to run a business?
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