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Walmart Clown Commercial

Speaking of Walmart, this ad ran during the AFC Championship game by Walmart. And I have to say that from an advertising perspective, this is very humorous and would definitely stick in the minds of folks. Call me twisted, but every time I see this, I just have to chuckle.

Voting with Perverts However…

So I was voting for the 2010 Bloggies since 8Asians has been nominated again this year and this time for Best Group Blog. I was done with my choices that I wanted to vote for and I scrolled to the end and was amused by the random captcha done by ReCaptcha. I mean, what are the chances that they would pick those two words? Sounds like the name of a new blog in fact… hmm… Amusing.

I just don’t get Magibon

Someone tell me what the heck I’m missing here. Apparently there’s some “attraction” by some Japanese to this girl on Youtube, and she’s become some sort of Internet celebrity. As far as I can tell, she stares blankly into the camera for thirty or forty seconds and speaks in what most have said is elementary Japanese along with some singing in a few videos. At least so it seems since I didn’t want to spend any more time wasted on watching it.
I have to say, she’s a very cute girl and she’s got that total anime feel about her. But the videos are so pointless in that it’s just smiling and making the “V” sign that many Asians make in photos and video. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get it.


republicrats.jpg It’s the last day to register to vote in many states, and with the economy in the toilet and the wars pushing our national debt into the ten trillion mark, it’s time for many people to make their stand.
Great that there are parodies such as the Republicrats. With everything out down right serious, it’s nice to sit back and have a laugh about it from time to time before November rolls around.
So if you’re getting sick of the whole negative campaigning and this or that between Obama and McCain, or Biden and Palin, then it’s time you sat down and took a breather. And chose the political party that’s right for you.
The Republicrats. Coming to a ballot near you.

Paris Hilton’s energy plan

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Saw a clip of this on CNBC today and I decided to see what the big deal was. I have to say that it was rather amusing since the entire ad beginning of the ad pokes fun at the age of John McCain. It’s actually a pretty interesting bipartisan solution, and it’s an interesting choice of running mates. Either way, it’s definitely funny considering Hilton’s parents donated to the McCain campaign as far as I know. Ahh… celebrities. You gotta love it when they can throw a little humor on the whole dusty world of politics.

Texting on a motorcycle

You have to see it to believe it, but this guy is crazy. Texting, while lying down on a motorcycle. I’m not exactly sure how he’s keeping his throttle going at a regular pace since it’s motorcycles have a turn throttle that’s operated by the right hand, but it’s still nuts. Crazy nuts.

Learning to speak proper Mandarin

From another contributor at 8A, Joz gives us, Two Chinese Characters, with John B. Weinstein and Carsey Yee.

I have got to say that on one level, it’s very amusing to see people take a different approach at teaching Mandarin. A quick look shows that Weinstein is actually not only a professor of Chinese but he is also fond of Asian theater. Ah ha! Probably thus the entertaining video on Youtube!
Definitely has peaked my interest. I’d also be interested to see if they teach in the simplified version, or the traditional version (since I was raised under traditional) and if there eventually would be spin-offs for different dialects. Hate to say it, but I’ve been putting off learning Cantonese even though I have a whole bunch of movies on my shelf. Give the love to subtitles.
Good stuff, eh? Good stuff.

Cell phones don’t pop popcorn

Videos like this are very amusing because it not only are they believable, but for those that don’t understand the science or technology behind the every-day gadgets, it’s makes it even harder to convince people otherwise because they “see it for their own eyes”.

Mobile phone cooking has already been disproved a number of times but process is pretty simple. If you think about the difference between your microwave and a cell phone in RF power, there’s almost a 50-80 times difference. The amount of energy required to generate heat to bring popcorn to actually pop is significant compared to what is actually generated by the phone. In fact, the amount of heat would make it so that your phone would probably not be able to be held. On top of that, if the RF was generating this type of heat signature, the air around the popcorn would actually be hot and there would have to be excess heat since it’s not in an enclosed area. This would mean that you need even more power.
Finally, if you notice from most of these hoaxes, the tables all have some sort of table cloth covering the bottom. While the American one shown above doesn’t look quite that off since tables usually have tablecloths, the Japanese one below is just strange. Maybe it’s just me, but the cloth seems to be longer than the actual table height which would mean it’s not for aesthetics. My initial thought is that there is a heating element beneath the table itself.

It definitely is an interesting viral video, and who knows what exactly it’s supposed to prove, but it does lend itself to one of the more realistic videos of the time.

Mac vs. PC – South Park style

Anyone that watches enough television has seen the Mac vs. PC television advertisements by Apple. Gabriel Schwarzer has written a parody of the well-known television commercials in South Park style. This definitely will at the very least crack a smile on your face if you’ve ever experienced any of the issues shown in the parody. Without further ado:

Shibuya Dance Trooper

Sometimes, you just have to wonder about the Japanese. They apparently have no issue with a Stormtrooper just dancing in their streets.
Makes for lively entertainment though. And you really can’t deny yourself that!