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Lazarus microbe’s secret found

Sometimes you wonder if science fiction isn’t just predicting the future. With Halloween coming up, the ghost and goblin movies are back. Along with zombie movies. So what? Fake stuff right?
Maybe not. In the latest issue of the science journal Nature, there has been a publication by a team in France studying Deinococcus radiodurans. Deinococcus radiodurans is a bacterium that evolved in the desert that basically went down the other end of evolutionary path. Instead of dividing and spreading as quickly as possible, the bacterium evolved into a very robust and hardy cell structure.

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How to make a cheap motorcycle handlebar camera mount

Someone we know has had his eye on going motorcycling around the Blue Ridge Mountains a while now with a video camera to document the do’s and don’ts of mountain riding.
Unfortunately, we’ve toyed with a couple ways to mount a camera, but nothing as cheap or as nice as this mount. This tutorial has got to be one of the best howtos for motorcycle mounts ever, with pictures of the parts and where to buy it and steps on how to create it without scratching up your handlebars. It’s also probably the only motorcycle mount camera tutorial. But still.
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Wake Forest Medical finds cure to cancer within mice

Wake Forest Medical researchers found a mouse three years ago that would fight off any cancerous cells no matter what they tried to give it. Now, they’ve found that the white blood cells from the descendents of that one mouse, can be injected into ordinary mice and have the diseases completely wiped out.
While this is not something that has progressed to human beings yet, researchers are working to find out what makes cancer-fighting mechanism work in hopes that one day, human beings will be able to fight off the disease the same way the mice do.

Conservatives against cervical cancer vaccine

Battles raging on the cervical cancer front. Apparently the vaccine is 100% effective against two of the most common HPV strains. Conservatives are claiming that making this a mandatory vaccine would increase the likelihood that teens would be having more sexual intercourse.
LUX’s view on this? It’s CERVICAL cancer. So would you not allow a breast cancer vaccine because that might lead to more topless showings at collegiate spring breaks?
The reality here is that the teens that will want to have sex, will have sex. Period. It’s been that way for ages, and will continue to be. Why? Call it rebellion, call it whatever, but most people have done things they’d rather not talk about. If so, what is the greater good? We at LUX would imagine stopping cervical cancer would be a bit more important than the educational stand. Like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. But you can make sure that the horse doesn’t die from drinking algae contaminated water, by pre-filtering it. Same deal.
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Miracle sight for 74 year old after heart attack

Sometimes, there are just some things that medical science can’t explain due to our limited knowledge of how our bodies work. 74 year old Joyce Urch has been blind since 1979, but after suffering a severe heart attack, she could suddenly see again. One of those amazing things that you wish you knew exactly what happened so you could do more for others.
My bet is on the traumatic shock the body went through to knock any loose parts back into place. But sometimes, you just have to let it go and just be thankful for the miracles of life.
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My apology to the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital

This is an apology to all the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital. I, darkmoon of LUX, have failed you miserably. It’s close to Christmas season already and Brenner has severely dropped the ball to provide you with books and games and movies because someone didn’t bother to push forward with a single e-mail or call. This year, it seems that Brenner is not part of the Child’s Play Network due to them not following up with with CPN at all. And I feel responsible for not pushing harder.

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Dupont’s been hiding tests about Teflon

Dupont, the maker of Teflon, has hidden multiple tests and documents from the public about the chemical that is in all of our lives. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) chemicals such as this can break down and get into food and your bloodstream. Dupont scientists will claim there is nothing wrong with PFOAs, but there have been leaks in stories all over.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been trying to decide whether to classify PFOA as a “likely” human carcinogen. The Food and Drug Administration, in a letter released Wednesday evening by DuPont, said it was continuing to monitor the safety of PFOA chemicals in food.

This Teflon fight has been going on for years between the watchdogs and the chemicals industry. And now it surfaces to show it’s ugly face to the world. Yes folks… those stain-defender pants you’re wearing? Teflon coated. And if it ever gets in contact with something that can break it down… absorption into the bloodstream. Great eh?
Dupont’s stance on PFOAs.
Sploid < EWG < CBSNews

Folding proteins to solve medical mysteries

I was part of a folding team in college because I ran my computers full time (all five my dorm room) and it was for a good cause. It seemed like years ago.
Just recently, Hack-a-day posted that they had a folding team going and interested persons should apply. I thought, what the heck and joined up again.
[email protected] is a Stanford University project:

What does [email protected] do? [email protected] is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. We use novel computational methods and large scale distributed computing, to simulate timescales thousands to millions of times longer than previously achieved. This has allowed us to simulate folding for the first time, and to now direct our approach to examine folding related disease.

So what’s the basic concept? You take your computer and run it as a workhorse when you’re not actually using it. Since I have multiple computers running all the time, I always have spare processor power to give. You can have it only run when you’re not using the computer, or have it run as a screensaver. Either way, every little calculation helps.
My team is slowly marching up the ranks and if you’re looking hard, you can probably find me in the midst of things. Help solve some of medicine’s mysteries by joining this massive brute force distributed computing movement.

VR Goggles Heal Scars of War

Technology is wonderful, but it’s even better when you know that something that usually isn’t used for helping soldiers, is effective.
BoingBoing – Xeni Jardin, “Snip from a story I filed for today’s Wired News about a new virtual reality system designed for treating Iraq vets suffering from acute combat stress.”
From what little I know about PTSD, this is a tremendously good thing.
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Sonosite MicroMaxx

Disclaimer: I’m related to a chief executive for Sonosite and having seen Sonosite grow from a handheld division of another corporation to what it is now. All opinions are my own.
Sonosite has just released their MicroMaxx, a lightweight, portable ultrasound device that is supposed to transition between the handheld devices that they currently carry and current cart-based systems that are bulky, but have all the greatest features. Among the features are: 12 second bootup, optimized power design, and the ability to edge detect and measure arterial walls for analysis on cardiovascular risk.
I have personally seen Sonosite grow up from a spinoff from Advanced Technology Laboratories’s handheld division to what it is now. The ideas are very sound and their minaturization of medical instruments can only spell out the advancements in future technologies. Just as laptops are soon to outgrow desktops, medical instruments such as these will provide a portable solution for a fast paced biotechnology era.
I hope to continue to see great technology arise from this corporation.
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