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General Site Update

Just in case you were wondering why your link to LUX happens to fail, over the last few days I got sick of dealing with Movable Type. So I was toying with a migration to WordPress MU but finally decided that WordPress would be the best maneuver. It seems a lot smoother, and faster, and the server memory isn’t as much out of whack now. Still in the process of tweaking the template back into the original form, but things should run a lot more smoothly now that it’s not on the fritz anymore. And if you didn’t notice any changes? No harm, no foul. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Special LUX Dreamhost offer

dreamhost.png If you’re looking for some hosting, it might be worth your while to take a look at Dreamhost.
While much of it is pre-paid service, signing up as a new member from LUX can you get $50.00USD off your price with the PROMO Code of LUX00001. What’s interesting about Dreamhost services is that for a shared hosting account, it’s one of the few that allows a shell access alongside very good bandwidth and disk space. One of the few more configurable type systems where it allows the administrator almost as much access as a VPS, except you’re limited to shared processing power.
They also have services such as a scalable cloud where you can guarantee CPU cycles alongside memory. Not only is it an affordable hosting provider, but it gives geeks what they want. The entire system is built upon a Debian linux system which should be fancied by many linux fans. Either way, it’s worth your while to take a look, especially if you’re sick of your current host or just have had no luck in getting any results.

Host move for LUX

In the last three years, we didn’t miss a day of posting to Tips and Tricks. Unfortunately, the last patch by Six Apart that was supposedly a mandatory security patch (version 4.12) also included new features that broke the installation completely. Seeing that our current old host did not support the new configurations, we opted to go to a new host.
So here we are finally at are new home after a lot of headaches and tired code tweaks. So far so good. Time to get back on track.

Some additions to LUX

Some housekeeping business in order.
In order to make the blog a bit more friendly, I’ve gone and installed a couple new things. One basically threads the comments and allows you to reply specifically to certain comments. I’ve also gone and installed comment subscription so that users can keep track of certain comment threads. Enjoy.

LUX in maintenance

Just FYI, for readers that are seeing some changes on the site, we just upgraded to Movable Type 4. So far, I like the look of it, but I’m afraid that Anil…. I’m going to have to let you know when you come to ConvergeSouth that the upgrade was another pain in the rear that didn’t work very well. When you have custom templating, the backwards compatibility is very poor. So be careful about that.
Currently, we’ll be re-doing most of the looks of things so that it’s similar to what it used to be like. Might change the color scheme a little bit. So bear with us.

Site changes

Going to integrate some parts of the site tastefully with a few ads perhaps. We really haven’t thought about this much but it’s just a thought to help out with hosting and such. Site layout won’t be much different, but be sure to check back regularly for some more unique things going on.

Server move

Moved the server. Shouldn’t see any changes but just a quick notification as well as test post for us. Thanks for bearing with it.
UPDATE: Running into a few issues. Working on it. Please be patient.

General LUX cleanup

Over the next several days, there will be a cleanup of the design for LUX. Those that visit the site will notice some new changes such as the RSS feed getting switched over the the FeedBurner feed. No worries, we’re not pulling the plug on the current one although if you want to keep on top of site it might be good to shift to the new feed. Also, there will be some really small design changes. No worries, just some quick maintenance shifts. Back to your originally scheduled programming.

LUX server move

It was a pretty seamless server move, but if you see a blip on the screen, Lux moved to a better and more stable datacenter and link. Just a bit of administrative cleanup.

Ask LUX! – Session 13

We have another fun question. Unfortunately, it’s not a pretty answer. (Took the liberty of editing the links).

What’s your opinion of GUI PHP editors? I’m not looking for a discussion
about the purity of hand-coding versus WYSIWYG editors, I’ve been using one
for HTML web pages for years and I appreciate the speed and efficiency it
offers. I’m wondering if you have an opinion on the scope and functionality
of the code one can create with these PHP editors.
Here are a few I’ve found:
PHP Generator
Roch Smith, Jr.

Okay Roch, sorry for the contemplation period but most of the staff were gorging themselves with wine and food over the holidays. In any case, the short of it is, if you are going to use it for any long term/heavy bandwidth uses, we don’t recommend using any sort of code generator.
The reasoning behind this is that there is no way to foresee all the scenarios ahead of time and thereby the code is rather inefficient in dealing with heavily loaded sites (this applies to all heavily loaded automatically generated code).
Outside of that, I would probably go with either dbQwikSite or dbSuite. Both seem to be good products based on their interfaces and feature sets, but we didn’t delve into testing. dbQwikSite seems more in tune with site design, while dbSuite seems more involved in the database end.

Well, back to the grind. Look forward to answering more tech questions for 2006!
Write to LUX at: lux.et.umbra [ at ] firelace.com and don’t fear to be a Luxie!