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The rubber band gun of all rubber band guns

silverwolf.jpg You have to admit. When it comes to fans, there’s nothing cooler than the ones that are willing to go through the trouble of creating their own works based on whatever they’re a fan of.
And here, we have the Silver Wolf, recreated from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as a rubber band gun. Not just any rubber band gun though. One that has a safety, has an integrated light, integrated laser, fold out handle, and super accurate even when squeezing the trigger off for multiple shots.
Overall, the entire thing looks absolutely spectacular. Beats screwing with making a gun with your hand. I mean, laser sights? The laser is way more accurate than the actual range of the rubber band!
In any case, check out why this is absolutely just sweet.

Legend of Zelda figurines

More figurines are available for sale, and this time from the Nintendo classic, Legend of Zelda series. Each of these are hand painted and hand cast. The first is the Skull Kid, whom took Majora’s Mask from a merchant whilst the merchant was paying him no attention.
The second is our Link in adult form, the main character of the Legend of Zelda. Both of these figurines are authentic Nintendo collectibles and limited editions. In fact, there are only 2,500 of each. At a Benjamin a pop, they’re rather pricey. But that’s what you pay for when you collect collectibles.

Hungering for a Samus statue

Sometimes, one just has to collect that is most awesome. And believe me when I say that a statue of Samus, the star of the game series Metroid, is not far down on my list of favorite characters. This particular piece is a limited edition that stands 17 cm without the base and is hand cast and hand painted.
There are only 2500 world wide so get yours before they’re gone. Runs for about eighty dollars USD. And it is officially licensed by Nintendo.


Have a puzzle solver in your life? Not sure what to get them for Christmas?
Why not get them The ISIS [affiliate]. This is one of the most difficult puzzles currently with movable bands that have hieroglyphs on them. You are given ten clues to deciphering the puzzle itself. Just line up the right hieroglyphs to unlock it.
What’s crazy is that … while the price of it is pretty steep (two hundred dollars), when you unlock it, then you have a chance to win something that could actually be anywhere between $1000 to $2000 in worth. Either way, it’s definitely a fancy pants gift that the puzzle solver would forever appreciate.

Lego Star Wars – Death Star II

LEGO Star Wars - Death Star II
If you’ve never heard of the Death Star, especially if you’re of my generation, you should be ashamed.
In fact, who doesn’t know of the Death Star? The Empire’s planet killer?
Well now you can own it. Well, not quite IT.. but a replica of it. And build it in Legos. And who doesn’t like Legos?
This unfinished Death Star model is scaled along with an Imperial Star Destroyer to show the giant size of it. It includes all of the fun stuff including the tractor beams, deflector shield generators, and laser cannons, ion cannons, and of course the super laser that was to take out Endor in one giant awesome blast.
The LEGO Star Wars – Death Star II [affiliate] will run you a great pretty penny. Around $250USD. But if you’re in love with Star Wars and collect all those things that are Star Wars related, then there you go.

FunSlide Carpet Skates

What can you say? These are friggin’ cool. You’re totally missing out if you don’t get some carpet skates to get around your office in. Take a look here at what you’d be missing out on:
The wind from the AC…
The pretty girl in cubicle NA-23 that smiles at you as you whiz by…
The guys standing at the water cooler, jaw dropping at your speed…
Your boss holding out your pink slip as you race by like a dream…

Wait a second, what? Yes, this is what you get to look forward to when you get some carpet skates. They strap onto your shoes (the foam padding holds you in) and the bottoms are made of some ultra slippery plastic. Probably not a good thing to try on smooth flat surfaces like linoleum.
Pads? You might want some. Cuz you’ll be flying through.
Be forewarned that it might be against your office policy to have such a device or toy. Yeah, some office managers don’t like it when you can’t corner with these babies on. Will run you about sixteen bucks.

Ripstick Caster Board

This is definitely an interesting toy since it reminds me of a mix between old skateboards and something from way back in grade school that is sort of like the EzyRoller. In any case, you twist your hips and make a carving motion and the caster board will go. The two wheels looks like they’re the same type of wheels that go on roller blades. The Caster board comes with ABEC-5 bearings, but you might find that you’ll fancy a really smooth ride with ABEC-7 or 9. The larger the number on the ABEC scale, the faster you go.

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