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Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

I have to say that Ben Stiller obviously has some serious friends in the movie industry. The guy makes movies with cameos like nobody else and you probably see more actors and actresses in his films than anyone.
Ever since Tropic Thunder came out in the theater, I had wanted to see it. Mainly because the initial thought was that the character played by Robert Downey Jr. was so well done that it was amazing. I actually would forget that this was an actual white guy acting as a black guy. Absolutely hilarious. The part of Les Grossman, played by Tom Cruise, was actually pretty amusing too. You just don’t think of Tom Cruise when there’s a funny part of a movie mogul that’s cussing and throwing a fit.
Overall, this movie was a blast and totally funny. It spoofed so many different films and how different actors and actresses are portrayed along with the craziness that some of the acting industry require to star in films.
I would totally recommend buying or watching this film if you’re looking for a good laugh.

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Anime Review: Elfen Lied

Based on a manga series, Elfen Lied where basically mutant humans that are designated with some horns like cat ears and have transparent arms called “vectors”. These Diclonius, are supposedly what will bring the end of the world and thus condemned to being sub-human lab animals.
From here, one of them, Lucy, has a split personality and is found to be living with Kohta, a university student. The storyline itself shows the entwining of Kohta and Lucy’s past and why he can’t really remember what had happened to his father and sister. There are also a lot of societal themes such as animal cruelty, revenge, child abuse and other types of negatives of society. It basically shows that being human means making mistakes, but it also means that there are ways to find yourself through even the worst of things.
This anime was actually very interesting although it is definitely NOT for children at all considering the violent and societal themes along with nudity that roll throughout the series. The first seven minutes of the series at the beginning is supposed to be one of the most controversial since it has extreme violence and nudity and you’re basically thrown into it without understanding what’s going on at all. The plot really doesn’t develop until later, and I could see why it would throw some off if they saw these first minutes and didn’t continue to trek forward.
All in all, it was a great series as long as you could stomach the adult themes. I would definitely recommend it although good luck if you ever want to see it on television. This anime is bloody enough with enough nudity that I don’t believe you could actually watch it without censoring most of the series.

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

No one ever likes being the kid that’s left out. Ever.
And this movie is totally about that particular kid and his dreams. Basically it’s a cute animation by Dreamworks SKG about a Panda that dreams about learning kung fu and fighting with the Furious Five. He has all of the action figures and is one of those dorky fans that knows everything but is still a nobody. Yet he is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior.
The Dragon Warrior is a person whom will defeat the main villain and save the land from … well, Tai Lung, whom was the Shifu’s prized pupil from long ago.
Crazy enough as it sounds, there are a lot of interesting little tidbits here that actually come straight from Chinese such as Oogway, in which is an old tortoise. It also is the literal meaning for turtle in Chinese. And so on, so forth. This was another one of those cute movies and I definitely would recommend Kung Fu Panda to anyone that has children or is looking for a fun animated film to watch.

Movie Review: Wall-E

Most Disney movies are just not my type of thing. I guess as you get older, you find that a lot of them get cheesier. But this one was right up my alley.
Wall-E was one of the few that actually had very little dialogue, and used more of the animation to bring out the emotions. When seen on Blu-ray, the quality of the animation was amazing and you go there all the joys and pains that the little Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class (Wall-E) goes through. And it’s actually interesting since after 700 years, I assume that it developed an AI by itself, although it’s never said.
Also noted, I loved the little robot: M-O (Microbe Obliterator). He’s so cute when he just gets annoyed that Wall-E is so filthy and chases Wall-E all over the place in an attempt to clean up after him.
Overall, this was a cute and fun movie for the entire family. Definitely recommended and if you can get it on HD then go for it. I personally would probably recommend it since you can also watch the quick little shorts that are in the extra and the animation is so crisp and clear that you just can’t tear yourself away.

Movie Review: You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

This movie was absolutely hilarious. Probably one of the more funny Adam Sandler movies I’ve seen in a long time.
Zohan (Sandler) is part of Mossad, what is equivalent to the CIA in the United States. With obvious tribute to Bond, where the women are plain infactuated with the spy, Zohan also has the uncanny ability in impressing the opposite gender. But when he wants to retire and become a hair stylist and is laughed by his superiors and his parents, he fakes his death in pursuit of Phantom, and sneaks off in the cargohold of a plane to New York City to make his dream come true.
What he doesn’t realize is that the super-spy for the Palestinians, “Phantom” (Turturro), learns of him being alive and comes for him. Working as a hair stylist under the alias Scrappy Coco, Zohan pursues what is most important to him.
I found You Don’t Mess With the Zohan to not only be a refreshing comedy about stereotypes and how the Arab and Jewish communities view each other, but how they could work together to achieve a common goal. There are multiple running jokes in this movie that happen to stem from some really old SNL skits from back in the day.
Definitely one of those comedies that as long as you’re okay with the sexual references, this movie is a blast. Definitely one of Sandler’s better comedy films.

One more reason to get Netflix: MacOSX streaming

Netflix, Inc. I love the streaming movies. I mean, it comes free with my Netflix subscription.
Mind you, that it’s a lot of the older stuff and not so much of the newer ones, but it’s still nice to catch Young Guns IIicon or some other movie on your browser. But for the longest time, there was only support for Windows due to the fact that there was no DRM that Netflix could wrap around the movie stream.
No longer is that true. As of today, MacOSX is now supported due to Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin. And that’s entirely awesome since that just increases the number of supported operating systems. I know there’s a linux version of Silverlight in the works, so perhaps in the near future, Netflix will also be able to stream to linux based computers.
Currently though, I’m a happy camper. This just became a huge value-add to having my subscription and made me an even more loyal customer.

Movie Review: The Brave One

To tell you the truth, I’m not a huge Jodie Foster fan. She has that pretty dry look in all of her films, and it just doesn’t really play well for me. Kind of like in “lock down” as one of the people in the film says about her character.
In any case, this film is pretty straight forward. In Central Park, Erica Bain (Foster) and her fiancee are out with their dog when they get jumped by a gang and beaten and left for dead. Her fiancee doesn’t make it but Bain pulls through.
Traumatized and entirely thrown off on it, she becomes a completely different person. After finding out that the police can’t really do anything about it, she turns to the underground and becomes a vigilante.
Now the entire movie is pretty much centered on her vigilance and how she copes with her loss. But I have to say that I was not exactly pleased with the ending. And I’ll leave it at that. If you’re just looking for a little crime thriller and don’t have high hopes, then I’d probably take a stab at The Brave One. Otherwise, I can think of all sorts of other television and movie series that I’d rather be watching.

Movie Review: Leatherheads

There are two reasons I loved this particular movie. First was the fact that the comedy was extremely witty and very much similar to the era of the 1920s and 1930s. The really quick thinking, fast talking type humor was just one-two punches of laughter that were strung together. With Clooney directing it, as well as starring in it, it was actually pretty fun to watch both the film and the extras of which I usually never watch.
The second was the fact that it was filmed right here in the Triad. Not all of it, but there are major scenes in Winston-Salem, and Greensboro. The last scene was actually filmed at the War Memorial Stadium which made it all the more special to me since I’ve actually been there and know that there was not a set produced to create that and instead they used an actual stadium from that era.
The film itself is about professional football before it became popular and how one man pretty much changed the entire playing field because he brought a star player from college football. Before then, professionals was a joke and couldn’t even keep enough people in the stands while college football had a whole bunch of football fans. Funny how that works, doesn’t it.
Leatherheads was not only great comedy, but it was also a lot of improv acting and different in the sense that the filming was even imitating the style from that time period. I fully recommend watching this film if you haven’t seen it.

Movie Review: 88 Minutes

88 Minutes is one scary psychological thriller. In it, Pacino’s character basically is a profiler and had this one guy pinned for life behind bars. Yet, the entire time, that particular person claimed to be innocent. Then one day, he receives a phone call saying that he has 88 minutes to live. As the time ticks down, strange attempts on his life start occurring as people start to wonder if he had placed an innocent man away.
This movie was actually very much one of those twisty, turning type ones where the plot totally changes at the end. For the better in my opinion too. It wasn’t without predictability and if you have seen a lot of psychological thriller type movies, you’ll be able to guess spot on, whom the killer is pretty much somewhere mid-movie. But even that aside, it’s still a wonderful film and it didn’t take much to get me sucked in and watching it until the end. Pacino as always gives his characters a flair that more experience actors tend to do. Enjoyed it extremely and believe that you would be missing out if you didn’t rent this movie.

Movie Review: The Bank Job

There’s just something about Jason Statham’s acting in most action films and The Bank Job is no different. Based on a true story, with obvious some creative changes…it’s about a bank robbery that was quashed by the British government by what is referred to as a D-notice to protect a member of the royal family. It is believed that the protected was Princess Margaret, whom is named in the film, and had knack for getting into some compromising photos. These photos were in a box at Lloyd’s bank and there was an elaborate scheme built to hire some hooligans to break into the bank and steal the contents of that particular box.
Obviously nothing ever goes as it seems and the robbery became an amazing escape and recovery story where the parties are caught up in a twisted game of cat and mouse with MI5 in the midst of the entire thing.
What was amazing about this story was the actual Bonus features on the disc that talked about the 1971 Baker Street Robbery. There was actually a D-Notice served and the contents were never found out of the vault that was looted. Strangely enough, everything was just dropped. Many of the owners of the safety deposit boxes didn’t come forward to stake claim to their belongings for insurance purposes which makes one wonder if there were other illegal items besides the one in the black militant’s Michael X‘s box.
A wonderful story and definitely worth your time to watch if you have a couple hours to spare. Collector’s item it isn’t, at least not for my shelves, but to each their own. Definitely a fun movie though.