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Game Review: WarioWare: Smooth Moves

WarioWare: Smooth Moves
WarioWare: Smooth Moves is in the same essence like its predecessors. WarioWare has always been a multitude of mini games. This rendition for the WIi is no different, and requires you to set aside whatever pride you have since some of the movements you make could very well make you look totally like a fool. Fast-paced and fast action, it’s loads of fun with some little boy humor tied in all throughout.
GamePlay: The whole singleplayer game requires you to perform some action with the Remote within 5 seconds or else face the consequences. You have four “safes” before the game is over each time, for every level. So use them wisely.
Controls: Most of the play is done through the Wii Remote although there are a couple of forms that require you to connect up the Nunchuks. There were a couple actions that required absolute exaggeration of movements, but otherwise they were very responsive.
Multiplayer: There are seven different multiplayer games to unlock. Each of them required a play of at least one time to unlock another multiplayer game. Probably the most fun was the Darts one that allows you to play regulation darts with up to four players.
Overall: You overlook some of the gross things in the game since they pass by so quickly while you’re trying to keep up with the fast paced action of the game. It’s actually very fun, and very funny (depending on if you’re playing or watching). WarioWare games are usually a blast for everyone around and worth the money if you’re looking for a nice party game. The single complaint? Too short. You can unlock pretty much everything in a matter of two hours or so. That’s all the games. Perhaps it’d be more fun with more competition, or more minigames or even more multiplayer functionality. However, all in all, it was definitely a barrel of laughs for all those around.

Game Review: Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii)

Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii)
I must sheepishly admit that I own almost every single Bust-A-Move title out there that I can find for the consoles I have ever since playing it in the arcade years and years ago. I’ve also got countless number of friends hooked on this game (you can thank me later Taito). So when the Wii version of this puzzle game came out, I had to get my hands on it.
Controls: On one hand, it’s definitely unique. You can either twist your Remote and fire via either button or point with your Remote and fire. Unfortunately, this is the only two ways to play in single player mode. The sensitivity of both methods is extremely high and not exactly suited for easier control of game play. There is a “Simple” Gun mode that actually places a target on the screen of where you shoot. This makes it pretty easy to play the puzzles.
Game Play: Overall, the game play isn’t bad. It’s much like the previous versions where you match up the right colors to bust the bubbles, or face eminent death of the ever dropping screen. The very interesting thing is that many of the puzzles are full wide-screen mode. So it takes some thought to conquer them all, and they’re not all confined to the middle of the screen like this game’s predecessors.

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I first touched the Wii two weekends ago. What can I say but what an awesome console. It totally revolutionizes the way games are played since the games are more interactive. So I defied all odds and got one (yes, even almost May, they are super difficult to find). They’ll run you about $250 but these days, you’ll probably have to buy a bundle deal just to get one. Bundles range anywhere from $350+ to $650+.
And I’m just having a blast. Microsoft should fear Japanese innovation if this is anything to be said about it. At one point, I thought Nintendo, the people that made console gaming into what it is now, had bit the dust.
No more. No more.
One thing for sure. Nintendo and Sony really need to kick it up a notch for online group gaming. If they can launch a micropayment online system that allows group interaction, there will be hell to pay when it comes to online systems. So far, I’ve already heard that due to the “point and click” approach, the current keyboard entry system already beats out both of the other systems in easy to use when it comes to typing. Now it will really come down to the only thing Microsoft holds best: the online marketplace. It’s still not too late for either Japanese vendor to really turn this into a super cashcow considering micropayments are really what is hot in Asia.

Quiet on the Wii Golf course! Okay, what’s so funny….

There’s nothing like a baby that’s giggling like crazy, but we’re still not sure what’s so funny about the Nintendo Wii golf that is making this lil’ guy just chuckle with glee. Perhaps we have a young Happy Gilmore on our hands.
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