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Wii Fit already out for Japan systems

Go figure. It’s a little pricier than I expected and only for the Japanese and Asian Wiis, but it’s definitely something on my shopping list.
With the phenomenon of the Wii creating for active gaming, Nintendo has released Wii Fit with the Wii Balance Board. This allows you to do some basic workout type activities based on slower movements and balance initiated postures. What’s interesting about this is that this is going along with the new Nintendo mantra of going against the couch potato style of gaming.
It’s running close to two hundred USD so I’m hoping that it costs a bit less when it comes States side, but if you’re anxious and you have an Asian/Japan Wii, then it’s your chance to cash in on something that no one here has …. yet.

Intec Wii AV & S Cable

I bought the Intec Wii AV & S cable a while back since I needed a higher durability type cable for when I go traveling with my Wii. The beautiful thing about this cable is that it’s it is very well made, and the pins are gold plated.
It has your usual svideo, the left/right audio, and the video outputs. Input is via the Wii regular connector. Don’t pay any attention to the description where it says an optical input is included since there isn’t one. It’s exactly how the picture looks (and you don’t see an optical connector or input there do ya?).
The one problem I have with this cable is that when I connected it to my AV switch box, it didn’t like it since the pins seems just a tad longer or something so the signal was bad. I checked it on another connector and there were no issues so I assume that my initial thoughts on it are actually correct. Either way, it’s never failed and so far I’m happy using it as a portable console cable along with the Wii wireless sensor bar.

Game Review: Rayman Ravin Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii Game UBI SOFT
From a mini-game type Wii game perspective, Ubisoft’s Rayman Ravin Rabbids has to the cake. Like seriously. This game is way more fun than any Wario game that I’ve put my hands on, and enjoyable to the Nth degree.
Controls: While it wasn’t the biggest of deals, one of the annoying things about this game was the lack of thought on user controls. There was no way to flip the Remote and Nunchuks depending on which your dominant hand was (so that left handed users were out of luck). Fortunately, there wasn’t much movement that anyone thath as played a bit of first person shooters on the PC couldn’t handle. Otherwise, the whole switching back and forth really could drive one nuts since there was no wrist strap involved.
Playability: There is definitely some replayability here. The whole game is based on mini-games, so you can come back and re-play them to unlock more content. Some of it is ridiculous since you don’t want to replay some of the minigames again and again, but overall, it’s actually not bad. On a whole though, I beat the game and just wanted to re-play the FPS ones since those were the cutest but more interesting ones that I liked. Personal preference I suppose.
Synopsis: This game is definitely on my list of hot ones to get for the Wii. It’s worth every penny and I can’t wait for the second one to come out. If that’s not a ravin endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Nintendo Wii remote strap replacement

If you’ve purchased a Nintendo Wii before January of 2007, you could get your Wii Remote straps replaced. These babies are supposedly a bit more robust.
So if you need some new straps, fill out the form and wait for some strap replacements. And thank Nintendo for providing these to provide a safer Wii playtime.

Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

When you’re on the go, a Wii Wireless Sensor Bar [affiliate] is important. So when you’re lugging your Wii around, you don’t want to be bothered with that sensor bar’s flimsy cord that could snap fairly easily. To be assured, that thing just isn’t as robust for those that are a bit more clumsy or just don’t want to mess with the hassle of a cord.
No problems. Nyko has you covered with this wireless wonder. It can sense controllers up to twenty feet and the four AA batteries provide many many hours of use. In fact, it claims around thirty hours of use! What’s more is that there’s an alarm system to turn off the wireless sensor if you’re the forgetful type.
For fifteen bucks, this was a steal.
One other thing… you would think that there’s a lot of configuration or something but from my experience, it was basically put in the batteries, and turn the thing on. Then turn on your Wii. Takes absolutely no thought what so ever. Things that are made easily enough to operate like that makes the portability even more desired.

Game Review: Medal of Honor: Vanguard

It’s one of those WWII games that just keep getting more and more realistic as the generations of game consoles advance. While it’s not as good in graphics, there are parts of this game that are practically ridiculous when it comes to advancing without dying.
The controls are with the Wii Remote and the Nunchuks. Usual playing style with pointing of the Remote and the Nunchuks that drive movement. I have to say that most of the controls are fairly well driven although the reload would interfere 180 degree turn around. In that essence, it was sort of annoying.
If you’re fond of WWII games, this is still worth messing with. There are multiple operations that you can participate in and each of them focus on different terrains (countries) that went against the Nazis. The wavering of the sniper rifle scope shots were sort of unrealistic, and sometimes the AI would just sit there and let you shoot them.
The nice part of it? The environment variables. Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve actually played a FPS, but I really liked the fact that the sunlight would blind you at different angles and that if it was really bright outside, the inside would be really dark because of the contrast of light.
This was your usual multiplayer selection with a few more games to choose from. I can say for a fact that you shouldn’t play on any television less than a 32″ though. Even that would be a little bit small. The main reason is this. The split for one against one is vertical. Now it’s not because it’s vertical split that makes it tough. It’s the environment variables. If one person is in the bright sunlight, and the other is hiding in a darker area… the person in the darker area can’t see a thing. Why? Simple fact of light bleeding. Your eyes can’t focus just like in reality when sunlight is very very bright and you’re trying to look for something that’s not within the bright areas. Ever been hit by a ball coming out from the sun in sports? Same thing.
Overall, I found Medal of Honor: Vanguard [affiliate] to be one pretty decent game for the Wii. Forewarning though. Those playing the last mission The Crucible beware! That level is one hellish level to beat. The sniper alley especially.
Otherwise, onward as Sergeant Keagan, of the 82nd Airborne!

Nintendo’s Wii Remote Jacket Offer

wiiremotejacket.jpg Nintendo is now packaging the Wii Remote Jacket with all hardware. I’m guessing this is due to the enormous amounts of sweaty hands that have their Wii Remotes slip out of their fingers, and fly into the television.
Truthfully, I don’t see how that happens at all since I don’t handle my Wii Remote like that. Sounds like pretty irresponsible use around high-end equipment is probably more key. At least $250 is a lot of money to me still these days.
I’m also not sure how much use this will be to the two controllers I have with rechargeable batteries for the Wii Remote Station, but I’m sure it can probably go on the extra controllers.
In any case, since it’s being offered with all hardware purchases from now on, you can order up to “4” free Wii Remote Jackets as long as you provide your Wii serial number, contact information and email. Then just wait for the things to arrive.

Wii Component Cable

These cables are great if you have a television that can do progressive scan. Since the Wii is only capable of 480i or 480p, component cables are the way to go to get that slight edge in picture quality.
These cables are made well, being gold plated and happen to look pretty solid. The Wii Madcatz Component Cable [affiliate] costs around fifteen dollars and is well worth the money if you have the right television. Too bad this doesn’t also include a VGA attachment since there are monitors that can handle this range these days.

Wii Charge Station

Sometimes, you just have to eye an accessory for a while before you actually get a hold of it. This charge station was pretty intriguing basically based on the fact that there were a lot of reviews on it already. And being that it was one of the better performers, there was really nothing to say except to get one to see if it was true.
So far, it charges and keeps the charge as expected. It was easily installed (couple snap in batterys and new battery covers) and you just plug those bad boys in. Keep your old battery covers around though in case you’re having a all-day and all-night Wii-off and you just won’t last with the charger batteries.
I have to say that with the strap on, you have to adjust it a little to make the Wii remote fit right. It’s not a huge deal, but watch for that. Also, the connection to the back isn’t as clean as you would like it since the pins don’t stick out much. If you don’t get it right away, adjust the Wii Remote a little bit and make sure the strap isn’t in the way.
All in all, this is a pretty great accessory for your Wii-fanboy. The Wii Charge Station [affiliate] will run you somewhere around thirty dollars USD.

Playstation 3 market share will ramp up

ps3.jpg A lot of flak is given towards Sony’s Playstation 3 and its market share. First, it was the price. Then it was the exclusivity of games. Apparently they can’t even capitalize on the 360s screwups. Either way though, it’s not going to change my mind that the market share eventually will ramp up.
I base my thoughts on a few very important points that has kept Sony alive thus far.
[ PROS ]
Luckily, Sony has done very well with Playstation. PS1 took over as the five hundred pound gorilla back in the day, and the PS2 is still chugging along churning out games and profits like nothing else. Even their portable PSP is finally taking off due to some of the more developed franchises coming to the system such as God of War and Silent Hill.
Strong Third Party Developers
While Nintendo pumps out most of their heavy hitters themselves with in-house brands of Mario, and Zelda, Sony has a strong suite of third party developers and publishers. Square Enix in my opinion is one of the heaviest hitters having stayed alongside Sony for so long and the majority of the Final Fantasy franchise being on the Playstation brand in …well, forever. Even the powerhouse giant Ubisoft isn’t leaving PS3 in the dust. With some very fancy titles showing up in the future, it should definitely be interesting to watch.
Upcoming games
Take a look at the latest offerings and tell me that it doesn’t make you drool. With latest in the Metal Gear franchise from Kojima Productions, that’s been a winner ever since they’ve been working on the franchise itself. With the reawakening of the Resident Evil series after the amazing scratch code of RE4…RE5 is supposed to be the next thrill from Capcom. Must we speak of the mega-giant Square Enix? Long since the move from Nintendo to Sony, the Final Fantasy series will be showing another brilliant piece of work. These are some very serious titles which is similar to the delay in amazing third party games for the PSP vs. DS Lite wars. Lately, PSP seems to be ramping up their portfolio with some of the greatness scene on the PS2. That in itself tells you that the scenery is very much alive and kicking and that market share is a slow gainer.
So what has Sony screwed up on that is holding itself back? Well, there’s some weaknesses that I think could actually be improved upon and would definitely help with their current standings.
[ CONS ]
It’s really strange. For some odd reason, the executives at Sony seem to think that because Microsoft went and freaked out and added a huge price on the 360, that they could beat them out on the price and raise it even further. Yet, if you think about your average gamer, you’ll find that while many of us grew up with gaming, there are things more important than spending $400+ on a system. Around $200, people might give in to temptation these days as is with the Nintendo Wii. Affordability is key to how to move product and create market share fast. That’s also why the Wii outsells 360 and PS3, and why the PSP has ate the dust of the DS Lite for a long time. Sony has never understood this, and thus, they take a beating from it.
Home looks like an interesting thing, but they have to launch well. So far, people have been writing in to say that there’s nothing to do on the beta. Is that exactly what impression you want to give to your players that aren’t within the beta? Betas are supposed to be almost finished products, not half-baked ones. This is where the Microsoft shines with their online. They’ve finally figured out that the reason why Asian markets are all about “free MMORPGs” is because the micropayment scheme can really pay off in quantity. What’s a few dollars here and there, but when you build a community of millions of players, that’s millions of dollars. That keeps repeating because it doesn’t hurt the players’ pockets too deeply. That’s something to understand.
A more refined marketplace and movie distribution could really put Sony on the map. But this requires them to refine Home to compete with the already pretty mature online product by Microsoft.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Asian markets are different from North American. Why has the 360 done so well? FPS and sports games. Why does it do so poorly in Asia? FPS and sports games. You can’t deliver the same types of gaming to different regions of the world and expect it to do fabulously. And what’s more is that while RPG and adventure has always been the strong points of the Playstation brand, you need growth outside of that. Believe me, coming from an RPG fan’s perspective, I love your console. But I’m in the minority in the United States. This is just plain fact of market trends.
Another screw up is where Sony keeps preventing the homebrew community from succeeding. Famous PSP homebrew firmware developer, Dark Alex, called it quits after worrying about what legal actions might be taken against him. Yet, many of the “features” that eventually made it into the official firmware were based directly off of the homebrew communities needs. This whole development community is shadowed by the fact that both Microsoft and Nintendo are putting out development tools for average users to create games with on their next-gen consoles. This in itself is supporting community by enabling them to write their own things. This also puts the content in the hands of the users. You never know what diamond in the rough may turn out, much like Geometry Wars.
Needless to say, Sony could improve upon its weak points to actually gain more market share more quickly. But having seen their style of management, they don’t seem to care one way or another on how the US market works, or how they could improve it. They seem to be inspired by their own sales pitches that “it will because our product is awesome” approach. Ick.
But if namesake means anything, it will eventually turn out to be another winner for Sony. Not necessarily overtaking the 360, but definitely a longevity type winner. And believe me… the last thing Sony would want is to have the PS3 be like the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast. So far, I don’t see that happening. But if they keep not paying attention to market needs, the gamers might not be so friendly the next time around.