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Charm City Cakes

I have to say that Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes is just plain sweet. He uses power tools on cakes that is so weird and interesting that it definitely has many people in the pastry world watching in awe. He started out as a graffiti artist, then moved to metalwork, and then became a cake baker.
He’s like the Jesse James of Monster Garage for cakes. Crazy with the ideas, but amazingly sweet design work. Food Channel was really smart to have got him, since it’s definitely made me watch it more. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out. And break out that welder.

Firefly LED

Another cool toy. Firefly LED lanterns. You actually take a standard widemouth water bottle and fill it with water. Then you attach the Firefly LED lid to it. Turn it on, and you have a nice glowing lantern. Nice.
BoingBoing < guyotdesigns

Minimalist bunkbeds

While we don’t live in an area where I need as much floorspace as possible (eg. NYC), these bunkbeds by Bonbon Trading are amazingly cool. They are dual use, and are way better looking and fits anyone with a minimalistic design taste.
Best part is that you can hide your beds in plain sight and they don’t look anything like sofa beds or pullouts. Nifty.
Via Popgadget

Why have hurricane areas not considered amphibious development?

After Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas, the rebuilding process has been going along full-steam with new condominiums and other types of buildings. Question is, would these new structures that are costing millions from the government and private sector going to withstand another flood?
Personally, I would say no. They’re probably just building the same old housing type of complexes that will be wiped out in the next big storm.
Why not consider some new architectural designs?

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This has got to be one of the most interesting bar type projects. The Unstabalizer is a system similar to the stock market for a bar. When one drink is purchased, it causes the price of the drink to increase, and those drinks not being purchased will drop.
This means that the whole bar would be one large drinking game since the prices can change drastically. This would not only allow people to step outside their comfort zone, but also get cheaper alcohol at certain times. Would definitely be a wonderful social experiment and an interesting conceptual design. The one thing that a friend said was that some people don’t like to mess around with the drink price. I think that if you set up a minimum and a maximum price (where maximum is what people pay currently), then people don’t mind paying less for anything and if it’s automated, they definitely wouldn’t care one bit there either.
NearNearFuture < NastyPixel

Accessibility Color Wheel

For the web designer in all of us.
The Accessibility Color Wheel gives you the foreground colors and shows you which colors are sometimes not showing to partially color blind person(s). Pretty useful tool, not to mention from an AJAX perspective, it’s tremendously useful without having to refresh the page.
Check it.
Via AccessibilityColorWheel

Frame it yourself

Sometimes, it’s just cheaper to frame it yourself instead of finding the right frame, and mat to finish off a picture. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about the frame unless you’re super talented with some power tools. But matting is another story. You can actually purchase matboard and have at it. And so, here’s how. And have at it.
MAKE < TheSmallObject

BMW’s $10k concept urban vehicle

Now this is something I would want to get my hands on. A Beemer that is fuel efficient, costs only $10k, and handles like a motorcycle. 188 miles to the gallon and it has a top speed of 50 mph. Now that’s a commuter vehicle.
Via LeftLaneNews

What the iPod Hi-Fi should have looked like

Japanese designer Isamu Sanada, shows off his rendition of what the Hi-Fi should have looked like. This design is a lot more sleek and complements the current iPod styles nicely. Those of us that have use disc trays aren’t sure if that docking station would hold up under stress, but this design probably would have created more of a want in the audio market than the current Hi-Fi design.
Via AppleLE

Parking your car in your balcony

This is a great piece of architectural design. German architects, Manfred Dick and Johannes Kauka, have designed a way for a car-sized elevator to fit into apartment complexes. This way, your car gets parked right on the balcony and allows for less of a chance for theft, and ease of moving items to and from your vehicle. This would also integrate parking with living quarters instead of having them separate as are the designs for current condos and apartment complexes.
Via NearNearFuture