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Tips and Tricks: How to Enable Mail on Dreamhost PS

If you have never signed up for a Dreamhost hosting account (use promo code: LUX00001), perhaps its time you tried their services out such as their Dreamhost PS. The Private Servers are a cost on top of your current shared hosting bill based on usage of cpu and memory. It’s still not bad when you consider it’s dedicated for your use only.

Here is one part of it that’s bad though. On the Dreamhost PS, if you have any sort of web services that you usually run, the mail doesn’t send. Ever.

Which is surprising when you’re coming off shared hosting that has everything configured for you to just go nuts with. Never fear though. There are several ways to get around it, and this is just one of them.

  1. Create a root user: you need one of these to use sudo to install packages on your PS.
  2. sudo apt-get install postfix postfix-pcre
  3. dpkg-reconfigure postfix

And that’s it. You could have a lot of mail there already and you can flush the queue and send it all by using the command postqueue -f. Otherwise, mail should start working and you’ll breath a sigh of relief knowing that it finally actually works. Again.

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Woot spins out kids.woot!

kids.woot It seems that Woot! has been busy and working on a little something extra. While the main category still is reserved for those that are into the geeky items that sometimes are fairly reasonably priced, I find that this move is actually pretty smart to look into toys and games.

Mainly, the reasoning behind this is simple. Those of us that grew up with the entire Woot! culture probably are averaging in our thirties now and most likely have some little ones. What better way to reinforce the craziness of Woot! I mean seriously… bags of crap could get really interesting here since it literally could be diapers for the masses. Who knows!

All jokes aside, it’s actually a really smart move to spin out kids.woot! I hope it does well.

Save 20% on 1 Item for Father’s Day Weekend at Barnes & Noble


Save an additional 20% off one item with coupon code D3A7V3V. For each customer, this coupon can be redeemed once at online at bn.com.

This coupon is valid from June 19, 2009 to June 23, 2009 at 2:59 a.m. Eastern Time.

Local Kia dealer crazy with two for one deal


Image by FadderUri via Flickr

Okay. I just saw tonight on the SciFi channel that Time Warner was doing some local commercials for Carolina Kia. Now, things must be going bad for inventory of cars or …. there’s just some crazy things going on trying to get people to get in to the lots. Either way though, this has got to be one of the best deals I’ve ever heard of. If I was actually in the market for a SUV or a minivan, I would actually consider it.
I’ve heard of two-for-one deals for food, and I’ve heard about them for toiletries, but never for vehicles. Basically, if you buy a Sorrento or a Sedona, you can get a Rio for free (excluding taxes and tags).
Funny thing is that tonight, I had the same thing (paying taxes on a free appetizer) happen. In any case, I didn’t actually see this deal on their website which sort of means that whoever is doing their website should actually update with the latest deals. Not sure how long this deal is going to last either, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen the commercial so you’ll have a little bit of time to act if you’re looking to make that large purchase.
Just something crazy that I’ve never seen so I figured I’d throw it out there if people were interested.

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Circuit City liquidation FAIL

Circuit City in Los Angeles, California

Image via Wikipedia

So today I went out for a little bit.
And we decided to drop by Circuit City. I mean, let’s face it, the place never had great deals and was overpriced but I figured there might be a few things that weren’t picked over. I’ll also preface this with the fact that I had just come from their competition Best Buy just looking around.
So it’s supposed to be a liquidation, right? You would expect the stuff to be cheap. At least discounted to the point where it was less than any of their competitors.
Guess what.
It wasn’t. Not by a long shot. I mean, there were a few games and such that were but overall it was a joke. Anyone that stood in line there probably didn’t actually do price comparison at all. We actually took a look at PC games and at Bioshock. It cost $29.99 retail at Circuit City compared to Best Buy‘s price of $19.99. Even with the liquidation price, they couldn’t beat their competitor.
In fact, most things were inflated. I saw an indoor antenna that I probably would have picked up if it was cheap since it had a reverse-SMC connector. But I grabbed my phone to check the liquidation price against it and Amazon had it cheaper yet. I mean, seriously. Are you kidding? This is a liquidation, right?
It was an absolute joke and we laughed as we walked out of the store. Mainly because there were people buying HDTVs and the Sam’s Club right next door had the same for way cheaper.
Caveat emptor.

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Macheist II – 11 Apps for $49

macheist-2.jpg Hmm. This is actually a really good deal. For $49, you get 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, Speed Download, AppZapper, and TaskPaper.
Wait a second, you say. There’s three more that are missing! Oh yeah. As of this writing, CSSEdit has been unlocked, and Snapz Pro X, and Pixelmator have yet to be. Basically the goal is that within a two week period (there are still eleven days), they meet certain goals for everyone to access all of the applications.
Having paid full price for both AppZapper and Pixelmator, I can tell you that this bundle deal is actually amazing in just having the option of many of these applications. Not only do the developers get eyeballs on it, but MacHeist is great fun and you get some neat little applications for free on top of it. And it raises money for charity, which is even better! I sort of wish they had Child’s Play as a charity they give to, but maybe next year.

decTop for $99

dectop.jpg The decTop is a tiny computer able to run Windows CE or linux (everyone so far is loading linux on this bad boy). Originally designed by AMD (Personal Internet Communicator) for bridging the digital divide, this baby is running an AMD 366 Mhz processor, with 10G hard drive and 128M RAM. The beauty of this is in it’s compact design. It’s both fanless and only takes eight watts to operate. This is a thin device that is very affordable and while a bit on the slow end, it’s definitely worth the ninety-nine Washingtons considering what it’s build for. So if you need a headless device, or just a plain little box to play with, the decTop should definitely go on your shopping list.
It looks like there’s already a howto on installing Ubuntu, and it’s supposedly fairly easy to upgrade parts. Definitely going on my… “need to buy because I love linux gadgets” list.
Via Lifehacker