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My apology to the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital

This is an apology to all the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital. I, darkmoon of LUX, have failed you miserably. It’s close to Christmas season already and Brenner has severely dropped the ball to provide you with books and games and movies because someone didn’t bother to push forward with a single e-mail or call. This year, it seems that Brenner is not part of the Child’s Play Network due to them not following up with with CPN at all. And I feel responsible for not pushing harder.

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EFF: Bloggers’ Rights Fundraiser

EFF is running a Bloggers’ Rights Fundraiser. A little on EFF from Cory Doctorow:

EFF has launched a Bloggers’ Rights fundraising campaign. Bloggers are asked to put a badge on their sidebars encouraging people to sign up for EFF, and in return bloggers get premiums like tees and hats. More importantly, though, they get the freedom that EFF works to safeguard for all users of the Internet, defending your right to speak freely without fear of censorship, snooping or suppression.
EFF has won fights to require the cops to get a warrant before reading your email, to knock out parts of the PATRIOT Act, to kill frivolous copyright and trademark suits aimed at silencing criticism and innumerable other critical pieces of the struggle to keep the Internet free and open.

Join EFF today!
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Child’s Play 2005

The charity Child’s Play, is at it again for a new year. Organized by the popular guys behind the online comic strip Penny Arcade, The basic thought was that there are sick children everywhere and they are our own lil’ geeks. And we all know that we have to take care of our own, right?
So in the spirit of giving, help our lil’ ones have some joy while they spend their times in Children’s Hospitals across the nation.
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Donor beware: not all clothing drop boxes are what they seem

Check those boxes before you drop off those clothes. Apparently, not all of them belong to charitable organizations. In actuality, they belong to for-profit businesses that sell secondhand items.
Scary isn’t it. You think you’re helping someone but in reality… you’re lining someone else’s pockets.
And no it’s not illegal. Just misleading marketing. Bastards.
LifeHacker < WRAL

Giving back: IT Training Solutions

Disclaimer: My nonprofit is currently involved in a project with them and I’m sure there are plenty of other smaller or businesses that I am not aware of. This is just a slice of Greensboro’s nonprofit life that I’m throwing out to the world in hopes to show them what goes on in mine.
After yesterday’s eye-opener with some of RFMD’s and their co-founder’s operations in the nonprofit arena, I figured it was only fair that since I pointed out how small businesses that give back, I should make good on that word. IT Training Solutions is one of those small businesses.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with both Lori Griffin and Hudson Griffin, a husband and wife team that started it all helping train IT professionals in a variety of subject matters. Microsoft, Cisco, they do it all. But since the inception in 2001, that didn’t stop them from giving back to the community either.
It was a pleasure to work with them on the Center City Park WiFi when they answered the call of the RFP by ActionGreensboro. Later on, they continued to work on Phase II to get South Elm lit up with WiFi as a project venture between ITT-S, Time Warner Business Class, ActionGreensboro’s synerG, and Phoenix Networks. Currently Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro provides some grant funding for the project. Currently ITT-S is also getting involved with the CTP IT Business Council that is heavily involved with Guilford County School’s College Tech Prep programs.
That is only the little bit that I know of from my interactions with them. I could be wrong, but I believe they are also fairly involved with their church? (Lori or Hudson, if you read this, please correct if I am wrong).
That is only a slice of a smaller downtown Greensboro business that is giving back to the community it bases within and is a decent background player. You don’t hear much of ITT-S’s work but it is there and Lori and Hudson are making the rounds around the local nonprofit arena all the time. This is just a sample of what is out there and the people that are taking time and money out of their businesses and lives to make the place they work and live in a stronger and better place. My glass is raised to you ITT-S. As it is to all those that give back.

Jerry and RF Micro gives back? Or do they?

You know what gets me? The latest community information on RF Micro and Jerry Neal. I’m sure he’s a great guy and all and RF Micro has employed many in the Triad region. It’s even a chip maker, of which you don’t see many now anywhere except for in the Texas area.
What bothers me though are a couple facts that have popped up and I put two plus two together.

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Dial-Up… it still exists? Why?

Fair Warning: This has been on my mind for a long time, and it’s not meant to demean or offend anyone. If you easily take offense to this topic, don’t read my rant. Otherwise, continue on…
Personal rant:
Amusingly enough, I woke up this morning to read about how a nonprofit service provider added “national” dial-up services to their arsenal of product lines. As a technologist, I have to wonder where this is going.

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AMD PIC could help low-income families gain computer access

AMD’s PIC is a low-cost computer that is aimed at families that make $1000-$6000 annually. Running about 1Ghz with a Geode processor, Samsung 128M RAM, this is great for any linux application. Coming with WindowsCE, it is aimed at the India and Latin America markets, but users have already taken it apart to see if linux can be an alternative.

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