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Project Animatic by Bao-Yao Liu

There’s really not too much to say about this but wow. Yeah, I didn’t actually see it on the intertubes until it hit 8A (what can I say, the things that I follow don’t include Ashton Kutcher). The fact that this guy did this for his senior project and took 3 months of planning, 4 days of shooting, and 6000+ post-it notes is just amazing. That’s actually a great commercial for 3M too (nudge nudge 3M PR and marketing). I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t been contacted by 3M to actually have that placed into commercial form. In any case, there isn’t too many art projects that come through that just make me go…”Wow!” but this definitely is one of them.

Sony Cybershot DSCW120

Was looking for a point-and-shoot digital camera that didn’t have a lot of issues with battery life. It seemed like Canon was the way to go for the most part, but it was difficult to find one that was rated well that had an optical viewfinder but under the $200 mark. Splendidly, the Cybershot DSCW120 popped up with decent reviews and was a Sony. But the big deal was the optical viewfinder, which would save battery a bit by not letting the LCD to draw power.
What I found is that this camera actually has a whole bunch of really great features. One of my favorites is that every picture I’ve taken yet has been clear. This probably is due to the Steadyshot stabilization. It’s probably from the built-in gyro and the electronic stabilization called Double Antiblur, but it’s one of the things that is missing from most cameras on the lower-end. And if you hand moves the slightest in the shot, then the picture ends up terrible.
The other great feature is the Smile shutter feature. You can set it up to automatically take pictures when it detects a smile. What’s interesting about this, is that this actually means that the camera itself can detect faces and smiling. Facial recognition by cameras isn’t something new, but it’s always been a more high-end feature. I haven’t had a chance to test the flash yet nor actually set it up for night shots but so far I am definitely impressed what the camera’s performance.
You can also set it to take pictures for display in 1080HD, and set up a slideshow directly from the camera if it’s plugged into the television with music and everything. You can also print from it, but I haven’t tested this feature yet so I don’t know how it works. Also, this camera uses nine different points for focusing instead of the five point focus system that most cameras use.
Overall, in the short time period I’ve had to play with this camera, I have to say that it’s definitely worth a little bit of extra for optical viewfinder and the features but it’s also a great camera for between the $150USD to $200USD price point.

Frozen in Grand Central

Just seeing this type of movement is awe-inspiring. Just watch how over two hundred Improv Everywhere Agents suddenly freeze at 2:30PM on a Saturday in Grand Central. The reaction is amazing and those around the agents just pause in wonder. When they start moving again, those that were just passing through give them all an ovation.
I have to say that this is one of the most brilliant types of art where it’s improvisation but also throws it directly into daily lives of a fast moving urban culture. When you slow things down in the fast lane, people tend to notice quite a bit more.

Get the blood flowing with poetry

Interestingly enough, it’s been a long long time since I’ve seriously considered poetry again. Sure, there has been the occasional poem here and there, but I haven’t written seriously for about five years, and since high school before then.
But lately, I’ve felt like I should re-pursue something like this. Why? It’s interesting how creativity can get the blood flowing.
Never was great at tremendous vocabulary, and I had a thing for telling stories, or hiding messages in my poems. But it’s also interesting since usually I listen to music as background music, but when you actually listen to lyrics…. you just have to go “wow” with some musicians. I mean, its poetry set to music. And some of it is amazing at how they tell a story, but use tremendous word play that I would have never thought of using. It’s almost a total different level above my amateur writing.
In any case, it’s made me want to do two things. Increase that creative side of me, and perhaps pursue some song writing. Sounds dorky, and I don’t have the time for it, but it’s just another one of the many hobbies that I might jump at some day. Why not? Life is short. Play towards your romantic side. And who knows… this creativity might spark another further ideas in life goals.

Wacom Graphire Bluetooth tablet

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased a tablet. The last one was a Wacom Artpad II, and I can tell you that I don’t believe there’s much that supports serial ports anymore.
In any case, I needed something that worked with my Mac well and I could flow freely. Since the Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6×8 Tablet was wireless, it was a perfect match. The price was a bit more hefty than I would have liked but for the size of the tablet, it was definitely worth every penny.
The package comes with a charger, the tablet, a Graphire pen, pen stand, Graphire mouse, and manuals and software. Software is both the Mac and PC edition so that was nice. The Graphire mouse, I hardly use mainly because I use my Macbook Pro for most things and only need the tablet for design work.
The one thing that I love about this tablet is the size and that it’s wireless. While there’s some range on the device, you really don’t need to be sitting too far away anyways unless you have such a massive monitor that you might as well be purchasing a Cintiq.
For those that are considering to buy a tablet but have never used one before, this is just some advice on how tablets work. When you draw, your screen is proportional to your tablet. So therefore, the top left corner of tablet is the top left of your screen and so on so forth. Thus, if you are getting a smaller tablet, you will be making a lot finer changes for details than a larger one. Obviously the best would be a Cintiq since it’s a 1:1 ratio of drawing to tablet since you’re using a monitor sized board, but outside of that, to each their own. I chose the Wacom Graphire BT because of both size and wireless and so far I have been extremely happy about it.

Lord of the Rings papercraft

3kingslr.jpg You know you’re missing out on some heavy duty origami sweetness when you’ve seen Eric Joisel, a master papercrafter, create Lord of the Rings origami from a single sheet of paper. This stuff is nuts, considering the LOTR stuff is one single sheet.
If you ever had any doubts that origami is for cool people, this should prove it beyond a doubt.

Human twirlies

Sometimes in life, you have to stop and watch the art flow from people. And street performers as such, perform to actually give you that little bit of lift. I’ll have to say though, here…. this street performer has got to have a neck of steel. And probably a waxed head.

Street Performers Human Helicopter – Watch more free videos

Amazing what people can do, eh? Quite remarkable, these humans….err I mean, our race.

Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco performance was spectacular!

saltimbanco.jpg Caught a show of Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s arena show that was touring and happened to pass through Greensboro.
Not a stranger to Vegas type shows, but the first of many more Cirque du Soleil ones, I have to say that I was rather amazed that the arena show was worth every penny of the sixty five dollar tickets. The show itself was not lacking at all compared to its bigger siblings and I was thoroughly amazed not by the acrobatics which you come to expect….
I was amazed by the amount of choreography that went into the whole production. The arena show includes live music and singing which is something you rarely find from acrobatic type shows. It was also interesting that while you’re watching those that are flying through the air without cables (there were a few acts that required cabling), the performers below were not only dancing and twirling, but they were also paying attention to the main act to catch their comrades since they were actually the safety. That in itself was amazing.
The acts themselves were just as the website dictated but my favorite was probably the Duo Trapeze. What was interesting was that these two blondes were high above the arena floor, swinging and doing a choreographed dance while swinging away and then one would slip down the others legs and be held only by the ankles. Note that I didn’t say holding onto the ankles…. The girl above was literally holding the other girl with her ankles. That’s some shear muscle tone and power and you knew that you were watching professionals at work. Absolutely brilliant. Also interesting was the fact that wires were not used for practically the whole performance except for tricks that usually required the performer to leap without much of a safety at all.
Another amazing thing? There were actual errors in some of the tricks (which is to be expected) but the improvisation proved that only professionals could pull off such a feat without anyone in the audience to notice. The juggling act was one where the guy’s hands were so fast, if you blinked you would have missed that one of the balls hit his chest. He grabbed it and put it back into the array of swirling balls. There was another time where two balls bounced off and he continued on with the act while the two of the four performers below him danced away to retrieve the bouncing balls. Would never have known that it wasn’t part of the performance though.
The show itself was two and a half hours where twenty minutes of it was an intermission. It took about half the Greensboro Coliseum, where the other half was a staging area.
Parking wise was a nightmare since the Coliseum also had the Central Carolina Fair in the parking lot so it was tough to get in and out. There were no good signs that pointed to where you could get into the main Coliseum parking lot, so it was a good thing that I’ve been there before and knew that the entrance was around the back of Lee St. Only seven dollars to park there which was a steal considering that people were parking across Lee for five and you would probably get yourself killed trying to cross on a Saturday night.
Saltimbanco definitely proved to be a delightful evening experience and I am looking forward to attending more Cirque du Soleil shows in the future.

ConvergeSouth Film Festival just steamrolling along….

Been busy for a while so I was happy to see that ConvergeSouth‘s new area, the Film Festival has been doing wonderfully under the direction of Andy Coon.
Here are the updates from….
Week 3

CovergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 3

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Week 4
ConvergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 4

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and current latest… Week 5
ConvergeSouth Film Festival: Vlog Week 5

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Funny thing, but it looks like Andy could do well in front of the camera for the likes of News 14 or WFMY. In any case, they’re still looking for video submissions of short films, animations, music videos, vlogs, really anything that has some video to it and something that you want to get your name out to the world. So really…. have at it. Submit those works of art and let’s see you at ConvergeSouth. And on the bychance that you haven’t already… register for the conference too to get your fixings on the Fifth Estate.

Japanese television: Why is my girlfriend mad?

This is one of the coolest skits I’ve seen in a while. When it comes to art and crazy modern type things done for the sake of television, Americans might rule in shock factor, but the Japanese go overboard on everything else and make it great to watch.
“Why is my Girlfriend Mad?”

Japanese Human Art – Why Is My Girlfriend Mad? – video powered by Metacafe

Wish we did stuff like this here. Seriously.