Fixing the PSN Error: 8071053D

Playstation Network error codes are a pain in the rear, mainly because Sony doesn’t really give us a good way to manage these error codes.  While usually proprietary for internal fixes, these do become a hassle when you get a code but know nothing about it.   Much like the Mac error codes of the System codes (remember the Error Code 11?).

So with error 8071053D itself, the error itself will basically sign you out of the PSN network regardless of if the PSN network is up or down.   While most fixes tell you to hard boot the PS3, then hard boot your router, there’s no need for the latter.


  1. First you turn off the power to your PS3
  2. Then flip the switch on your PS3
  3. Then pull the power cord out of the PS3 for a couple seconds.
  4. Then you can put everything back into place and turn it on.

This should fix everything.  I assume that there’s something in memory that low-power trickle will hold in memory.  When you remove all of the power, that corruption which probably likes in some memory is reset.   Thus, it fixes it.  It’s probably a MAC-address storage but that’s just a guess. But anyhow…