I’ve realized something.  SOPA and PIPA together  do a Wonder Twins formation to create OPPA:  Oppress People via Piracy Act.   I mean where else would you use a law that was designated for white collar embezzlement and make it so scary on the Internet that we’re no better than some of the countries that we speak openly against on the international stage?   I mean, let’s think about this.   North Korea has no Internet, but if they did, they would definitely make a show here.  Iran?  Same.  Can anyone say Syria?  Crazy stuff really.   What gets me is that the people that actually want this passed almost always have no technical or legal background, and don’t seem to realize that the vague wording of it makes it just…. un-American.

Yes, that’s right.  I question your patriotism if you pass SOPA/PIPA or that type of legislation.   We’re supposed to be a superpower.  We’re supposed to be about democracy.   We dislike dictators and corruption.  We’re supposed to take the higher road.

Unfortunately, I guess some of us didn’t get the memo.