The Narcissistic Side of Social Media

Image representing as depicted in Cru... Fascinatingly enough, it seems that American individualism has grown from an ego perspective to an American innovation: social media.

Before social media existed, there was…. social media. In the form of email newsgroups, irc, and the like. But in the past decade, this has grown into a full-fledged “me” force. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at what we’ve become. If it wasn’t for Twitter, Linkedin, and even Facebook, we would not be broadcasting how many people follow us, are linked with us, or how much our influence has become.

In fact, there wouldn’t be needs for sites like or the latest craze, Klout. The entire thing is all about whether or not you’re the king or queen of your little turfdom and you hope to increase your slice of the pie by gaining more to your cause. In fact, just look at Google+. It’s like circles of followers, where you can share the world’s following if only they would follow you. And not be a spambot/bot zombie/fake profile. Interesting isn’t it. Now obviously this has less to do with corporate brands than individuals, but the concept still remains the same. You want a following. It’s almost like everyone wants to be like Ashton Kutcher. In their own little world. Reminds me of the little saying that talks about being a “legend…in your own mind”.

And if you haven’t been paying attention to how scarily true this is because you’re too busy maintaining your presence in the world, your personal brand, perhaps your inner feng shui, then I ask you this: What exactly have I been really linking to in this blog post? I rest my case.