Why Congress Is Not As Good As You Think

So the latest and greatest news right now in politics is that the 2011 budget has yet to be decided. So far, the Republicans are talking like big shots to the public about how there needs to be spending cuts, and how Democrats aren’t willing to step across the line. While this doesn’t make Democrats any better in the whole big picture, I think that there are some things that need to be said.

First, the House always passes bills first and then it’s sent to the Senate. So you technically could write whatever crazy and stupid thing you wanted. Republicans could go for broke here because they know Democrats wouldn’t allow it through into law. Everyone must get $100k a year. Everyone can have free cars for life. Et cetera. Thus, you can be entirely and stupidly nutty and make ridiculous claims and still get away with it as long as the American people buy it hook, line, and sinker. That in general vilifies the Democrats even though it’s complete bullshit by the Republicans.

Historically, there hasn’t been one single party that actually promotes spending cuts that the other side wanted. Democrats have always pushed social programs, and Republicans have pushed business and defense. Neither side ever cut their own stuff much so of course they’re going to talk about how the other parties are evil, and yadda yadda. It was boring when I could first vote, and it’s still boring.

Next, the fiscal year for the government is half over. You’re still deciding on a damn BUDGET? Give me a friggin’ break. And then they’re talking about the 2012 budget before the 2011 one is solved. Seriously? You budget for the year before you get to it, not when it’s half over. Solve the issue at hand, you morons. That’s like trying to drive a automobile before you put on wheels. Brilliant.

The entire government shutdown is a huge joke. You know how to get this done? President should basically tell Congress that none of them get paid until other federal workers get paid. You don’t get to see lobbyists, you don’t get your salaries, you don’t get anything. Amusingly, this is the same deal as any other corporation where the top people make a huge deal about how there are issues, but they’re always the people that are paid first, not last. But if you stick it to them, and tell them that they won’t get paid, then people are less likely to act like complete A-holes.

That’s why I think the entire thing is a complete joke and I get more and more cynical with elected officials. They’re always spouting how they represent their constituents and they’re attacking the problems, but never have you seen one single person step up and say…. hey… I acknowledge this issue, I’m accountable for it, and I won’t take any pay until I get this sucker fixed. Never. They’re all in it for their own agendas. Don’t believe it? Follow the money. Money never lies. The day that some Congressional person steps up to the plate and does the right thing regardless of party lines is the day this country will again move forward instead of being in a stalemate that solves nothing.