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Tips and Tricks: Cisco ‘Type escape sequence to abort.’

In the Cisco routers, whenever you initialize a traceroute or some other command that does a repetitive task, you’ll be notified at the beginning of the sequence of events with: “Type escape sequence to abort.”

Unfortunately, Cisco actually fails to mention what this escape sequence is in their message. So, the sequence is:
CTRL-SHIFT-6, twice.

Push all three keys together simultaneously, twice in succession. Crazy isn’t it. Gotta love Cisco sometimes.

Criminal Justice Department? What?

So I ran across this website running an ad on becoming a CIA agent. Amusingly, I remembered back in college days when I was accepted to be a CIA intern, but couldn’t even get in with the FBI because of my grades. I suppose computer skills were more important than grades at the time with the CIA.

In any case, so knowing that there are GPA requirements to join certain agencies, I thought it was amusing that there was a site that was offering financial aid to become one, and on top of that was basically saying that you could join in 18 to 24 months. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it depends on a lot of qualifications and all sorts of things.

So I looked it up and the site happens to be off a .org TLD. I could be wrong, but I have never seen any federal government agency use a .org TLD ever. In fact, this is registered to someone that’s using a domain proxy which means that it’s probably a private individual. On top of that, they want to see if you qualify for financial aid. Someone is trying to get personal data for financial aid? Sounds awfully like a phishing scam. Now, like I said, it might be legit. But all indications seem to point to the fact that it isn’t when you get right down to it.

Scary stuff. And this is from a legitimate ad. Caveat emptor.

Why AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile is Bad For the Economy

AT&T Mobile Tower Truck

I have yet to see people talk about this, so I suppose I will.  This is my personal opinion of the matter and having been in the telecommunications industry (specifically cellular) for the past decade, I would think that this should bear at least some weight.

The entire thing reeks.  

Sorry AT&T, but there isn’t anything of this that’s good for anyone else except the T-Mobile board and investors.   AT&T first has higher pricing, so T-Mobile customers get to enjoy that luxury that’s coming soon. We won’t talk about the service record that the former actually puts out but everyone has read the reviews.   On top of that, AT&T does have a LTE strategy but contrary to belief, T-Mobile does too.  This will be a huge issue of merging the management and corporate culture in which I would assume that T-Mobile will lose out in the end.  If so, this will end poorly just like the Sprint-Nextel merger where Nextel’s management basically left to start new ventures.  I’ll let the stock price talk about where Sprint has gone with their strategy.

Worst of all though, in these times, this acquisition is entirely terrible for the economy.   In a time that people are looking for good news, this isn’t one.  I don’t care how they spin the marketing piece, one thing is for certain:


Yes, that’s a fact.  In telecom, your job is always a project away from getting cut.  When jobs are duplicated, then there’s even a higher likelihood of this happening.   On top of this, not only will the actual carriers (AT&T) be cutting down the merging workforces, but there will also be a duplication of services and providers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Sony Eriksson, Nokia Siemens, Huawei, Motorola, and whomever else AT&T has dealings with.  So just as trickle-down economics effects everyone from top to bottom, this will be the same with an acquisition.

Don’t be conned by a two year migration period either.   The Verizon and Alltel acquisition is taking all of five years at least.   At the end, I would be curious as far as who will be left from the merger.  The line above will still hold true.

As a T-Mobile customer, I think the only thing you can do is voice your displeasure of this merger.   While I am not a customer, I do have many colleagues that do work at T-Mobile and I’m left wondering what they’re thinking about in terms of the future of their employment.   As a government person, I implore you to push off on this.  In good economic times, the American people can take a large scale hit across their faces.  But with places still having unemployment rates at even 12% (and there’s discrepancy on how that’s determined), I have to wonder if you really represent the American people when we’re suffering through one of the worst times in history and employment is scarce.  More so for those in telecom where I know people that have been out of work for over three years now because of how specialized our work tends to be.

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