Do Illegal Immigrants REALLY Contribute to Social Security?

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So I read this story in the Washington Post about how illegal immigrants help Social Security and without them, that program would be in more turmoil than it is now.  But in all honesty, is that even a true statement?

I mean, with all the statistics that op-ed throws out there, it misses a crucial fact:

Employers pay part of Social Security.

Here’s the point.   I was watching a story on CBS a while back about illegal immigration and they interviewed the farms that basically hire almost all Hispanics for seasonal jobs.  One of the most interesting takeaways from that was that the employer would deduct SS and all necessary fees out of their pay, and what those workers did with it outside that was their issue.   If that’s the case, then at least 33% of the statistics is paid for by the employer and has to be taken out.  The rest is conjecture since there’s no way of knowing how many fake SSNs are out there and while estimation is a great thing, let’s look at the rule of thumb in the business world.

If I pay you in cash, usually people do not pay their social security on that.   Nor do they pay their any other income tax on it.  In fact, forget illegals.  How many Americans do you know that actually pay taxes when they’re paid in cash?   I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone.  Not even people high up in society.  Everyone knows the “unspoken” rule.

So the only actual part that you can really deem as indirectly contributed to the Social Security program is what the employers pay because they have to pay it.  It’s part of hiring a labor force.  But that could be attributed to any single individual, and does not have to be an illegal immigrant.

If that’s the case, do illegals really contribute to Social Security?  Or is it just in the mind of this op-ed columnist that hasn’t really thought out the actual employer/employee process?  Maybe I’m just crazy, but if I were an illegal immigrant, I wouldn’t pay a big red target on myself and collect Social Security or pay the taxes.  I’m already a ghost in the system.  Why put myself on the radar and put my family and me in danger?   Just saying.

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  • Your an idiot, for one the illegals you compared are farm workers you fool!!! and yes they get paid cash. But the other illegals they are talkig about are the ones with fake SS. These are the ones that contribute to SS and Fed taxes. Even though they will not qualify for stamps or SS benefits because of their SS number being fake, BOTTOM LINE THE EMPLOYER STILL TAKES OUT THESE DEDUCTIONS AND SENDS IT IN TO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. i KNOW i HAVE 19 YEARS WORKING IN FEDERAL ASSISTANCE.Get your research right before you open your mouth and blame illegals for America’s suffering.
    Each year, for example, the U.S. Social Security
    Administration maintains roughly $6 billion to $7 billion of Social
    Security contributions in an “earnings suspense file” — an account for
    W-2 tax forms that cannot be matched to the correct Social Security
    number. The vast majority of these numbers are attributable to
    undocumented workers who will never claim their benefits.

    • First off, if you’re going to to call people idiots, please use the correct contraction of “you” and “are”, which becomes “you’re”.  That would turn your first phrase into “you’re an idiot..” which would actually not fall upon deaf ears as far what you have to say beyond it.

      On top of that, good for you on federal assistance.   I have both friends, and family that work directly in federal government in relation to this particular topic.

      Third, I didn’t blame America’s suffering on illegals.  However, if you want facts, there are plenty of statistics of money being filtered from the US to Mexico without taxation.   There is also plenty of statistics showing how Americans don’t pay taxes on cash payments.

      So all in all?   You rant and rave in a comment that really had no bearing and your justification is your 19 years of federal assistance?  I’m glad I never needed any assistance from you then.

      Oh, while I’m thinking about it?  Next time, you go about starting off comments about how people are idiots, please buy a MLA book so that you get the grammar and spelling correct.  It might help your case.

    • Tom Taylor

      “Your an idiot”

      Never gets old, not even after four years later.