Blasting Zone FUD

I have to say that there’s some things that seem entirely like FUD because people watch too many movies. So there’s this sign that I saw while I was driving home and the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about reading this sign and would just do as it said. But, think about it. Most of your 2-way radios are on the family band. This means that it’s a public channel. These channels are for use of all sorts of things (thus the word public). Private radio bands require licensing and is on a different spectrum. But regardless, you would imagine that anyone setting a wireless detonator on a public band is absolutely bonkers. I mean, there are signals at all times on those bands so that wouldn’t make any sense.

And the entire cell phone thing is silly too since the signal is on two levels. One is from the base station, and one is from your mobile. If you turn off your phone, that doesn’t mean the base station quits trying to provide coverage. So, if a cell phone signal would set off blasting, then wouldn’t you have to shield it from all cell phone signals? Including the base station? So if you use wireless detonators, you call the wireless companies to turn off their towers? What about emergency band vehicles? No more 911 calls?

Without more solid evidence that there is any reason to turn off a two-way radio or cell phone, this becomes very much like a movie based FUD action. Lovely.