Go Amazon! The State of North Carolina Has Totally Lost It

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Remember the Amazon tax? Seems like the state of North Carolina really doesn’t have its head on right. Amazon is suing them due to privacy violations since obviously from the interest of Amazon’s is to protect its buyers. NC State however couldn’t get the millions they had thought they could get (and might I add spent already) from the “Amazon tax” so now they’re trying to chase the consumers.

Long story short? Here’s a quick synopsis of what has happened:

  1. State wants money. State sets up “Amazon tax” to throw the sales tax book at Amazon due to affilliate connnections.
  2. Amazon terminates all NC State affiliates.
  3. State keeps budget of “Amazon tax” in, even though Amazon has taken out any link.
  4. State spends the money in the budget even though there was no money there.
  5. State now worried about money spent, so goes to Amazon to try to get the consumer to pay the sales tax end.
  6. Amazon sues.

Now here’s where someone at NC State DOR isn’t thinking at all. As a NC state citizen, I have to say that if you’re going to backdate taxes that you couldn’t collect or enforce at the time of the law, then I have a real problem with that. Mainly because there are plenty of other types of things that living here for almost ten years has taught me that no one enforces certain laws even though that they exist. How about the tint laws? I have yet to see that enforced since there are people with darker than thirty-five degree tint everywhere. License plate covers are illegal in this state, but never saw that enforced either. In fact, you could probably hire a multitude of state troopers just by the amount of people you could fine from those two things. What about emissions? Commercial tags? Trucks that are tagged as “farm equipment” that I’ve seen decked out with custom pipes and several inch lifts? Seriously now.

If you’re going to pass a law that requires consumers to pay taxes, then do so. That means that it sucks for you for past events but that’s just tough. It doesn’t take a genius to see that NCDOR requested since 2003 because statute of limitations is seven years and they’re looking to bust down on their own taxpayers. Which is fairly amusing since as a taxpayer, I actually like paying taxes…. if they were doing something to help get more taxpayers (eg. fixing unemployment). I actually like living in this state, but the politics and laws are completely whack. Don’t believe me? Let’s not forget that this is also the state that had the “two hundred plus year old no cohabitation law.” Oh yeah, that wasn’t enforced.

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