Motorola’s Super Bowl Ad with Megan Fox

I think this was one of the best commercials done by Motorola ever. They actually got a celebrity that people care about here instead of some super soccer star or famous tennis player. Not that those people aren’t great in their own right, but it doesn’t connect with everywhere. That and they must have fired the advertising agency that was making the ads that you actually had to think about when you watched them to figure out what was going on.

This was easy, funny, and for thirty seconds, it cost them three million. Wonder how many people they had to lay off to throw that party. And there needed to be a little more on what type of phone it was since the attention was all on Megan Fox… in a tub. Obviously, it hasn’t really helped their stock price out either since it’s still hovering around 6.50 or so. Maybe that’s because of the market, who knows. Just saying that for a company that has one of the highest paid CEOs in the mobile division (there are two CEOs), and with the huge amounts of layoffs they did, it’s amazing that they at least got one thing right and had a commercial worth watching.