Apple’s iSlate Reveals New Patents That Don’t Make Sense

Apple Tablet Concept
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

I agree that Fingerworks has some revolutionary patents and that it could possibly be used for the upcoming iSlate. But truthfully, after reading about how the patent works, I have to say that I don’t see how it’s going to reduce in carpal tunnel or any sort of tension in your hand when you do hand-writing recognition. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is brilliant. But realistic use and ideals are very different.

Here’s where the problem lies. If you read the patent, you basically hold your hand in a form where it rests against the touchscreen like you’re holding a pen. Then you push down like holding a pen with your thumb and index finger which is how the patent image occurs. Just try that on a table. The reason why a pen works, is because of how it rests and you’re not gripping down hard so the force isn’t as much as if you’re not holding anything. Just by doing as such on a table surface, you can feel that there’s more tension in your wrist from the grip.

Now, most people that have written papers at all in their lives with a pen or pencil should understand exactly what I’m talking about since there’s a good reason why they even produce those pens called Rx which are fatter and reduce stress on the hand. This basically goes the other way.

Is this a cool technological advancement? You betcha. But from a health perspective, Apple is looking at creating a whole world of hurt for the iSlate users if it’s implemented as the patent dictates.

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