Universal Healthcare is a Scary World

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Healthcare reform is a scary thing. Not that I don’t think that people shouldn’t have healthcare. It’s definitely a necessary evil. But forcing it upon everyone not only raises cost, but it becomes under regulations that usually are loopholed by corporations. Show me any law that eventually doesn’t have SIG play in it and I’ll laugh.

The entire thing from my personal opinion is ridiculous. Every single country that has ever done it does not have nearly the population or expanse to cover. And when is anyone going to learn that the countries that do have it, do also pay a lot more in taxation? Good luck in telling your average American that the taxation currently isn’t good enough and there will be more percentages coming down the pipe. Because if the government plays options, then someone has to pay for it. And that someone is usually the middle class.

Here’s another perspective. Sometimes, it might even be worthwhile to gamble a bit. If you’re the type of healthy individual that doesn’t get sick often, then perhaps premiums are not worth it for you. In an average family, you’re looking at anywhere between two hundred to four hundred dollars for an average policy. I’ve seen up to a thousand dollars in pretty pathetic policies for two people. But if you rarely go to the doctor for anything, that’s a lot of money that you save. Say that you only go once a year and need prescriptions with it. That would probably cost you the same amount as a single month’s premiums. Coverage itself really is for those scary emergency room bills or what not. But it does show why it might not even pay to have coverage.

Either way? I can’t understand why so many people push for universal coverage. If we’re required to have it, then it’s an extremely costly joke. If we are not, then it’s not universal. Either way, if it goes through it’s doomed to land on the shoulders of the middle class in some shape, form, or fashion. Cost is always passed onto the last man on the totem pole. It’s just the nature of business.

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