US Government Needs To Straighten Their Financial Priorities

So I get to reading about a $529 million loan to Fisker Automotive which doesn’t help Americans with jobs due to the vehicle being developed in Finland, nor the fact that the price tag is eighty-nine thousand dollars (not to mention its a sports car) which is outside the realm of any middle class American.

What’s interesting is that these companies are getting these huge loans by the American taxpayers during a time where American job loss is at its highest and there have been many applications for smaller loans to develop vehicles that are less costly and better for American consumer pocketbooks, that have been turned down.

While the DOE spokesperson has said that each application is dealt with fairly, I have to wonder in knowing of practices within the federal government since most things are actually subjective to those that are working on the applications themselves. I also would be curious if there is an appeals process to understand why it was turned down.

Needless to say, the fact that money is being thrown about for a “greener future” without taking into account that the burden to the taxpayers has greatened due to job loss and global economic failure makes one wonder what the heck is going up at the top of the totem pole. Believe me, I get the whole environmental thing and how it’s good. But when you’re throwing some major cash at a foreign manufacturer while people here are screaming for help, a lot of eyebrows raise.

Let’s not forget that we the taxpayers not only pay for these ridiculous price tags, but we also pay your salaries.