Anonymity in Question?

Recently saw that some fashion student was going to sue Google because she claims it’s Google’s responsibility to protect her anonymity. This was after a court defamation case where a model had outed the previously “anonymous” student and then dropped the case.

I don’t get it. That’s irresponsible to start since you can pretty much find all sorts of identifying factors on the Internet. Especially if you happen to use the same email address, the same handle, and all sorts of other information. In the end, the Internet is what outs you because of what you put on it, not the other way around. So is it Google’s responsibility? Not a chance. A lawsuit against them would just sink your own reputation for not understanding how things work before throwing around opinions.

Opinions are fine as long as you understand that in the end? Unless you blog under total anonymity with no identifying factors, there isn’t a damn thing that Google can do about it. They wouldn’t give up information unless the law asked for it, and if you’re on a search engine, there’s a good likelihood that anyone can dig up your pseudonym and match things up.