Pirate Party takes Seat in EU Parliament

The Pirate Party
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It seems that the Pirate Party has finally made it happen. They’ve joined the EU Parliament with at least one seat in Sweden but more likely two seats. This basically should leave most of the more aged political parties quaking in their boots. What this really means?

The Internet is a powerful tool. This was proven in the last American election when the Democrats used the Internet and technology as a driver for youth voting. Similarly, the Pirate Party is the largest party in the young voting demographic in Sweden and is growing in Europe at an astonishing rate. Gathering behind the Pirate Flag and the only agenda being to legalize file-sharing for personal use and throw gestapo copyright enforcement back media industries, they have gathered a younger generation into a political rebellion.

And interestingly enough, this should open the eyes of not only corporate leadership, but also political ones where special interest groups hold some weight. Because this legal process basically shows that the people will stand up and rise against things they believe in regardless of regime. And this is one method of doing so, not to mention it’s the legal way of doing it.

Should be interesting to see if there are any more Pirate Party representation in future elections around the world.

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