Time Warner Cable Financials Say Otherwise to “Money Crunch By Non-Tiered Pricing”

twc Time Warner Cable’s financial records for the beginning of 2009 seem to indicate that while they “claimed” bandwidth costs were soaring due to the top 10% of users, they added more subscribers with increased profits and a decrease in the cost.

And yet they still wish to “educate consumers” on how they’re the ones that are the victims in this whole mess of metered bandwidth. Hate to say it, but my money is on the data given by Consumers Union, whom is the publisher to Consumer Reports, a well known publication that does breakdowns for the consumer of products and the parent of The Consumerist:

If we may, we would like to offer TWC a little bit of advice: Stop trying to put one over on your broadband customers. There’s no amount of “consumer education” that can change the fact that TWC is making a whole lot of money selling broadband service — without metered pricing.

Oops. Looks like their own financial reports were their own undoing. What I don’t understand from all of this is why the senior management keeps pushing forward with this after all of the negative publicity. Personally, I would just let the entire thing die quietly and perhaps try it in the future (at least that would seem like the smart business decision). Adding fuel to the fire just lets the entire mess burn longer and shines the spotlight on your big boo-boo. Call me crazy, but in my opinion it’s not exactly the most brilliant of strategies.