Movie Review: Transporter 3

Jason, Jason. I have to say that Jason Statham is typecast really well into an action role. I mean, if you look at all of his films from the Transporter series to War, the guy is a regular bad ass. With his typical sculpted muscles that make women tear up and his rough British voice really reminds me of the young Bruce Willis in Die Hard without quite the salary. Regardless, Statham does a wonderful job with this series.

I have to say that while I love the great vehicles (Audi’s A8), and the car chases are spectacular, after a while the action is repetitive of the previous movies. Not that I didn’t mind it, but the only thing different in this one was a rare BMX scene that I wasn’t sure if Jason actually did the stunts for. The gal in the film itself was a bit more difficult to understand and while she was a pretty long legged redhead, it still just didn’t quite hold your attention. At the end, I kept wondering if she was underaged in the movie due to a photograph that was shown of her later on and if they were depicting her in college, why they kept showing the drugs and drinking which is really a bad influence even though that’s what happens in places like Ibiza (which apparently where this girl was before she got abducted).

If you like Statham, and you’re looking for a quick action flick, I would definitely recommend Transporter 3. But as with most action flicks, you have to suspend disbelief due to the sensationalism of transporters.