Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Having never seen the original, I have to say that I can’t make the comparison between the original and this version. So it’s actually lost on me when critics say that the original was better.

But I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The plot basically is about how the human race is destroying Earth and aliens come to save Earth because it’s on the brink of destruction. But only on the brink of destruction can we save ourselves and evolve further to and not be so self-absorbed. Interestingly enough, this plot was made way before there was any real push for environmentalism, so I’m not certain how much it follows the original. If it does, then it was definitely before its time.

All of the acting is pretty well done and I have to admit that the one that struck me was actually Jaden Smith. He was such a rebellious step-son in the movie, that you feel like he needed some severe discipline every time he opened his mouth. Which really drives home that there’s definitely acting in his blood considering his parents. A definite upcoming star.

If you’ve never seen the original or am looking for a pretty decent science fiction film, give The Day the Earth Stood Still a try. If you’re not a Reeves fan though, it will definitely strike you as one of those same-ole-face that he does in many of his more despondent characters.