Movie Review: Exiled

Booted up my Roku and streamed Exiled in HD last night. And I have to say that it was not only a wonderful experience, but the film itself was also fantastic.

What was wonderful about this movie is that while it was your typical asian Triad/gangster movie, the gun battles were very subtle in the fact that there was not a lot of waving around and it was very smooth. There was a lot more focus on the actors faces and expressions which made it more dramatic and focusing the action as more of a integral secondary characterization. The entirety of the movie wasn’t difficult to predict if you’ve watched enough of the big star Triad films with names such as Simon Yam and Anthony Wong.

The movie’s actual story basically focused on a group of five individuals that grew up together in a gang, and how they interacted after two of them decided to betray the gang and their relationship with one another. It actually was refreshing also to see a foreign film in Cantonese that was subtitled and streaming directly in HD. THis needs to be provided more often by the service providers and allow for original language penetration. Just a personal pet peeve but I’m not super fond of dubbed voicing since it’s a distraction and sometimes the dubbed voice is worse than the original and just reading subtitles.

It’s also interesting to note that there is one scene that there is an actual depiction of a Triad agreement handshake. Due to this fact alone, this film was rated Category III in Hong Kong, which is the equivalent of NC17 in the States because no children under the age of 18 are allowed to watch the film for Category III ratings. This film however was rated R in the States.

I have to say that this film was done very well from script to acting to directing. I definitely would recommend anyone that has a Roku player to add it to their queue, and if not, to rent or buy it. If you love mafia and Asian gangster type films, you’ll love Exiled.