Dangerous Riding With Tailgating Motorists

Motorcycle Ride 002
Image by Dabe Murphy via Flickr

Sometimes, you just have some plain idiots on the road.

I was behind a motorcyclist this morning and gave him plenty of space since motorcycles have better brakes (I do have my motorcycle endorsement). They also can’t take on a half-ton carbon-fiber body either in a collision.

But of course, as I give them plenty of room, some dolt decided that it was plenty of space for them to edge in and be about a two feet away from the motorcyclist. This type of tailgating might be “okay”, and I say that with a lot of reservation, to do with another automobile but the risk of an accident with a motorcycle it’s absolutely dangerous. Any person that rides would know how much more you have to pay attention than driving when you’re on a two-wheeled vehicle because it’s noisier and commandeering such a vehicle takes a lot more concentration than driving a car.

We won’t even go into the fact that some people that tailgate also do not like to use their turn-signals in switching lanes. As a motorcyclist, it’s scary enough to see a vehicle right behind your rear wheel, but one that suddenly gets there that you were not expecting? Talk about increasing risk of an accident. As a driver, I would say that it’s not something I want on my conscience when it comes to hitting another vehicle. But as a motorcyclist? I don’t want to be hit since the chance of death is surmounting from someone that tailgates.

Scary stuff. And as the summer approaches, please pay attention to how you drive.

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