As ISPs Hammer NC Legislation, Competition Moves Ahead

Cablevision arrives to install hanging wires
Image by quintanomedia via Flickr

It seems like while Time Warner and Embarq are fighting what they believe is the “good fight”, their competition elsewhere is using this opportunity to break ground. Cablevision is now offering a 101Mbps download service with no overage fees or caps that are known.

Obviously they’re playing the DOCSIS 3.0 game here and sneaking in while their competition gets all mucked up in political plays and negative publicity. From a personal perspective, I find that whomever is running the business strategy side of things is making a brilliant move. The more you can use your competitors demise to your advantage, the more fortified your business market share becomes. And why not? If your competition wants to dig themselves in, don’t help them out. Just stand on the sidelines and watch.

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