Time Warner Shelves Tiered Billing For Now

Time Warner Inc.
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It looks like Time Warner is shelving metered billing for now.

Like I’ve said before, while I don’t believe this is the right way of doing things and I’m still miffed at the “customer education process” in their current PR statement, this definitely shows that when you play against the majority of your customers’ common sense, you’re bound to lose a pretty penny. I believe that from my personal perspective, I’ve put together a pretty decent scenario on where everything stands for my own benefit and hopefully for the benefit of others.

What’s actually interesting is that there are plenty of ways to make money through feature sets that Internet Service Providers do not really consider. I never did understand why since there are technical skill sets that you can sell as managed services just as I have done in the past for my employer since it’s a worthwhile service position.

Having been in talks with a few friends, I do know that Time Warner Cable has stirred up a hornet’s nest and even with their backing off of their current shift, they’ve also forsaken this move for other ISPs and put the actual issue on the table. And with it on the forefront, there will be eyes on bringing competition into the Triad and other regions which really hurts Time Warner Cable in the long run.

I still wouldn’t doubt that there could be legislation coming down the pipe to prevent this type of move from happening in the future. But the backing off defuses much of the ire. For now, the people have won out.

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