Thank You Microsoft for Spam

microsoft-live-spam I love it when companies send you spam in the form of “no, it’s not really spam, and we really know that you had clicked this, but we want you to click it off so we can send you more spam” type of spam.

I mean, seriously. Do they think that you opt-out of the marketing and promotional materials because you’ll want to be reminded that you had opted out? Uhh. No. Sorry, Microsoft. That’s definitely a spam-fail on your end. Reminding me, that I opted out of your spam, means that you basically did not abide by my preferences of not bothering me with promotional offerings. And yes, I consider the fact that administrative type emails of promotional offerings to be under promotional offerings and not under critical administrative messages.

I wonder what brilliant person came up with that one. Hey! Let’s spam all the people that don’t really want spam with a message that says… hey, we wanna send you spam, but we can’t because of your preference! To add insult to injury, they add on a note that talks about how they respect your privacy and have a link to their privacy statement.

Sometimes, it definitely makes you shake your head and wonder what goes on in those ivory towers.