North Carolina Deficit Will Not Be Fixed By a Sin Tax

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Seriously. Who is the governor kidding? A sin tax?
Come on now. I’ve read that our anticipated deficit for this year will be somewhere around two billion. But when you want to balance a budget, you have to fix the issues that are currently at hand, not throw more crazy ideas into the pot to stir things up.
Here’s a few problems right off the bat that I see could use a little tweaking. Why does it cost on average fifty-four thousand dollars a year per student to fund public education when it costs less than twenty thousand for a private education? And interestingly enough private schools seem to usually do better overall. If I remember correctly growing up, Lakeside (private school) cost around that figure and actually had a higher percentage of students going to Ivy leagues along with one hundred percent college bound. Interesting.
Another fun little thing that could instantly produce an extraordinary amount of money through citations would be the tint and license plate cover laws. I have yet to see it being enforced since it’s actually under the jurisdiction of the DMV from what I’m told, but there are plenty of people still driving around with illegal tint and covers on their license plates that is against State Code. I’ve also seen weighted commercial plates on trucks that most definitely are not commercial use. Fine, fine, fine.
Maybe speeding tickets should be thrown on the table too and we should copy legislation from Virginia. At about a thousand dollars a pop, there’s very little incentive to speed in Virginia. And if money is what you’re after then alcohol and cigarettes don’t even come close to the amount that speeding would nail. Five cents a beer versus a whopping one thousand a ticket? Somehow I think hiring more State Troopers would win out over this one.
Overall, there are many things that we are not fixing and a lot of pet projects that are not being cut in favor of this sin tax. What else is that it seems the political play is to make it sound like we’re cutting the education for our youth and all of these “needy” programs instead of the ones that actually are not needs based.
While the above are but a few of the more interesting perspectives of how to fix this crazy political nightmare, I have no love for this tax of things that I don’t even purchase. It just sounds poorly thought out and having no merit when there are bigger things to try.

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