Movie Review: Quarantine

Made in the style of Blair Witch and Cloverfield, you will find that the entire film itself is from a news crew’s investigative reporting of a fire station, the following of the firefighting crew and the eventual lock down of an apartment complex when it gets infected by some sort of virus.
Not too difficult to follow, although I have to say that there were some questionable actions as far as how certain people were not infected for however long they were. The virus itself created almost like zombies that would eventually attack other human people and bite them.
It wasn’t a bad horror film, but not exactly scary although I am glad that there was less of a gore factor than your usual gorefest these days. What I don’t really understand is why they have to go for the neck. Zombies sort of go for necks but if infection is done by any sort of biting, then you could “bite a leg” and have the same effect. Or claw an arm. Or lots of things. It seemed like everyone was taken out by the jugular which was sort of …. not very realistic.
Unfortunately, if you’ve seen the Quarantine trailer, then you can put two and two together pretty quickly after the main story line heads into the building itself. There were too many people that made too many rookie and illogical moves in the film to actually let the viewer cross between reality and fantasy. For example…. if a woman is foaming at the mouth? I truly do not believe that emergency personnel would actually help that person up by holding them without restraints or something. The goal is to save someone’s life, but you also remember that emergency personnel have to protect themselves too when doing that to minimize any risk of infection or contamination.
Outside of that, I found the movie to be pretty neat although not really on the same level of Cloverfield. If you like the style, you might be interested in this film, but otherwise… I’d probably throw a pass card at it unless you just love all things zombified.