Movie Review: Lakeview Terrace

Okay. This movie definitely wasn’t for kids. At all. Ever. Seriously now… while it was rated PG-13, I wouldn’t have brought any of my young cousins to see this based on the implications and too much reference to things they really shouldn’t be dealing with in one single viewing.
That aside? Samuel L Jackson plays the a**hole racist cop very nicely. In fact, I think the fact that he doesn’t tone it down a little made the movie a little too dramatic. It was done very well from his angle but I felt that he took it to the extreme a bit. Could have been an issue with the script than actor, but that’s the way it was played out. Some of the critique of this movie has been that it plays well for the first hour, but it was almost overkill at the end. Which was exactly what I also had in mind when I saw the film.
Lakeview Terrace was creatively done and you do actually get a feel for why the tension is there and how it came to be. So there isn’t unfounded hate towards interracial couples but a forever unanswered question by Turner (Jackson) that causes the behavior. I believe that it was actually a well thought out movie outside of the drug and sex references alongside the overkill. Of course, better that then a monotonous boring thing that captures your attention for about ten minutes. This film definitely had me going the entire time.