Gmail needs to whitelist Google Affiliates

Gmail-affiliate.jpg Okay. This is getting rather annoying when one hand doesn’t talk to the other hand.
It’s amazing how much email (if you are both a Google affiliate and you run it through either your personal email, or Google Apps) that isn’t white listed by Google itself. One of my favorite ones is when the spam filters or phishing filters catch the affiliate emails that were coming from previously and now the ones that actually come from Google itself but are not being put into a global whitelist of some sort.
You would think that being part of the same corporation but in different divisions, that this would have already shown up somewhere as a yellow flag. But it’s been over a year since the acquisition and months it seems that I’ve seen this issue happening and it’s still not resolved.
So what’s the deal? Someone in Google Affiliates just not use Gmail for their email? Perhaps they have an internal filter that lets things through. Either way, it’s interesting to note that the rest of us that actually do use Google products are running into this workable but slightly annoying issue.
So would someone at the big G at least have the affiliate emails whitelisted? It would be much appreciated.

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