Gaming Industry Beats Online Banking in Security

squareenix_authenticator.jpg You can’t help but be thoroughly amused at this fact.
Seriously now. All payment type things from a security perspective should be a two-factor authentication. Now, if I’m not mistaken, Bank of America does have a few different types of things going on right now that allows this, but there aren’t many banks out there that actually even look into security tokens. And definitely not quite in this regard.
So when you get to the point where the gaming industry is annoyed at the entire concept of accounts being compromised and they shift to a two-factor authentication? You just have to smile and wonder when the rest of the banking industry is going to actually care enough about their clients to protect them with more secure methods.
So when will it happen? Perhaps we’ll start seeing some actual IT security that is beyond the usual 128 bit encryption by SSL certificates. Not that it’s terrible, bad, or otherwise, but it’s always the extra mile that provides the peace of mind. And two-factor authentication pretty much always provides that factor along with the enormous mathematical pains of trying to brute force these types of entry points.
Now, surely I assume that at some point someone will figure out an algorithm to create collisions that will eventually break our current two-factor entries. But you have to look at it from a perspective of the attack being algorithmic rather than brute force since the key rotates every thirty to sixty seconds.
Kudos to the gaming industry for finally saying enough is enough. And banking people? Will we continue to hear crickets chirping away?