Do We Really Need to be Called Social Media Evangelists?

Jump on the social media bandwagon

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I’ve been on the Internet way too long.
Since Usenet back in the days where you could tap in through the right channels and the right BBS links. Yeah, we’re talking about 300 baud modem, baby.
Blinky blinky.
So what can I say when I see SEO companies pop up with absolutely no experience in mathematical algorithms and those that understand social media calling themselves social media evangelists, I just have to take a breath and sigh. Having studied mathematical algorithms, even I can’t call myself an expert in SEO but I at least know where I stand. As far as social media goes, is it that hard to sign up for a bunch of services and use them? Does that justify being a social media evangelist when you’re really just a first-second-third adopting hobbyist?
Seriously. Is it that difficult to understand social media that it needs evangelists? On top of it, why exactly would you pay for such evangelizing? I mean, let’s face it. I’m all about people that love their Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, but it’s not for everyone nor is it for every company or industry. Some businesses don’t need to break into new ground since they don’t really have much to do with the Internet ever. Even as a conversation piece, it is more dependent on what you do than the sales piece of… everyone should get on the bandwagon.
More and more, I find professional resumes dotted with names like the above mentioned and I wonder exactly how they’re qualified and what exactly it means. Let’s face it. There hasn’t been one single great business value of social evangelists that I’ve seen outside of fandom. And while fandom might bring in some amount of new business, it is definitely not an entirely measurable thing since you cannot compare these evangelists with say your rock star that is marketing your product. And before people scream bloody murder and say that they help break new ground, let’s step back a moment and think about if it’s actually a new term for helping people break into new markets. Oh, wait. I got it. It’s that crazy thing that’s called “new business development”.

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