Local Kia dealer crazy with two for one deal


Image by FadderUri via Flickr

Okay. I just saw tonight on the SciFi channel that Time Warner was doing some local commercials for Carolina Kia. Now, things must be going bad for inventory of cars or …. there’s just some crazy things going on trying to get people to get in to the lots. Either way though, this has got to be one of the best deals I’ve ever heard of. If I was actually in the market for a SUV or a minivan, I would actually consider it.
I’ve heard of two-for-one deals for food, and I’ve heard about them for toiletries, but never for vehicles. Basically, if you buy a Sorrento or a Sedona, you can get a Rio for free (excluding taxes and tags).
Funny thing is that tonight, I had the same thing (paying taxes on a free appetizer) happen. In any case, I didn’t actually see this deal on their website which sort of means that whoever is doing their website should actually update with the latest deals. Not sure how long this deal is going to last either, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen the commercial so you’ll have a little bit of time to act if you’re looking to make that large purchase.
Just something crazy that I’ve never seen so I figured I’d throw it out there if people were interested.

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