Lala is kind of blah blah

lala.gif A friend forwarded me an invite to use lala. Needless to say, I was intrigued but not really all that impressed.
What grabbed me was the fact that they said they would play online pretty much your music from the web. If you want to listen from web unlimited, it’s a dime, and seventy-nine cents more if you want the mp3. At those types of pricing, it’s definitely intriguing.
But on the flip side, there were a couple things that really bugged me about the interface. First, it required me to upload my music library. As far as I could tell. I actually didn’t allow it to do so after the Mac version of the uploader froze up indexing on 6,999 songs and just sat there. Then I figured, well heck… why am I uploading anything? Shouldn’t this be an index of the songs and a direct matching? If so, it shouldn’t be frozen.
In any case, on a Mac… with the 6,999 song freeze I just prompt zapped the app and went my merry way. There are a lot of indie music sites on the web that stream and until I can lock down my music so that no one but myself can touch it, I’m not “sharing” or uploading it anywhere. Now, providing a music collection backup service actually might be worthwhile…. if it’s in the future plans of lala. As for now? The gimmick effect really only got me so far.

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